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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Blog

Moving on to my new blog .... all because the current blog has run out of space to upload photos.  So enjoy viewing my new blog


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graduation Concert Photos and Videos - Part 2

More photos taken by Breanna's daddy ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still In Graduation Mood

With the CD recording that contains all our songs that we sang during the concert, I sang along with the CD and showed Daddy and Mummy the movements / dance steps that my friends did during the concert.

In fact, was able to do all the dance movements.  Haha

Still celebrating my graduation

Graduation Souvenirs

My school gave each of the graduands a big pack of graduation souvenirs.  So the next morning, I opened the pack with Daddy and Mummy.

First, the graduand ring .... in a very nice box

And now I have my own ring, which is of big significance to me

My graduation photo, nicely framed up by the school

And a note from the Principal

 And the best part has to be this 2013 calendar, with various photos of me every month

A scrapbook with information and well wishes from my good friends that I have made in school. Contains a list of contact and addesses that we can still keep in touch in future. 


Graduation photo again .... in a nice portfolio

A CD recording that we made for our graduation concert.  And Daddy and Mummy can listen out for the solo singing that I had.  In fact, I could also sing all the other songs in the CD

And also a red backpack that I can use for outings in future ....

Simply love my K2 graduation souvenirs !!!! Something that I will treasure along the way

Monday, November 26, 2012

Graduation Concert Photos and Videos - Part 1

Sinc Daddy's camera is not of top grade, he has asked Uncle Telang to take some photos of me during the graduation concert and send over ....Enjoy

The graduation ceremony ... all of us in white

The Chinese performance.  Can you spot where I am

The English performance

And a photo with my good friend Joel

More photos and videos to come ...

K2 Graduation Concert

The evening for my K2 graduation concert finally came.  It was raining quite heavily and the roads were seeing high traffic volume and slow.  Luckily Daddy managed to get us to the Jubilee Hall just 10 minutes before 6 pm, which was the reporting time.  I quickly grabbed a bite at the cafe at Raffles Hotel, and then off I went into the backstage to prepare for my graduation concert.

The foyer area ... nicely decorated, and a corner where parents can have some snacks during intermission

Daddy and Mummy went to have a quick dinner since they needed to be seated at 645 pm.  Because of the rain and bad traffic condition on the roads, at 7 pm (start of the concert), there were still 7 children who were still not at the back stage. One of them was Aaron from my class. 

Ms Kristy helped us take some photos at the backstage

Ms Julia had to come out and 'entertain' the parents .... haha.  But Daddy and Mummy must admit that she was really an excellent early childhod educator.

And the graduation ceremony started at about 745 pm.  We were all dressed in white and we marched into the Jubilee Hall with Ms Kristy and 周老师 leading us in. 

It was really a captivating moment for Dady and Mummy, especially when they saw how proudly I marched down the walkway, and up on stage.  Seeing how I have spent 4 years and 9 months in Pat's Schoolhouse, many thoughts came to their mind.  From a 15 month infant who refused to drink soy milk (I was allergic to cow's milk when I was young), and had to spoon fed patiently by Ms Tai Tai, till now when I am coming to 6 years old, able to become so independent, thoughtful, and a well-behaved gal ... it was really gratifying to see the progress and transformation in me.  Given that I was considered almost a year younger than my peers in class, Daddy and Mummy were initially worried that I would be a slow learner.  But I proved them wrong.  And Daddy and Mummy very quickly realized they worried too mch for me. 

As I received the graduation ring from the Principal, 陈老师, Daddy and Mummy tears welled up in their eyes .... really touching moment for all parents indeed. Hard to find words to describe Daddy and Mumy's feelings at that point in time .... Parents just need to experience that for themselves

After the ceremony, the various classes of Pat's Schoolhouse presented our performances.  We trained many months for that, just to wait for this day to come !!! The costumes were tailored made and the props were made by a team of highly artistic people from Pat's Schoolhouse !!! COOL !!!

And the English performance, which was the highlight for the evening was the Willi Wonkers play.  Had some sneak preview of my costume when Jun Rui's mummy took some photos during my rehearsals.

And the actual performance

The concert ended around 1045 pm.  We mingled around the foyer, taking photos with my friends and teachers, before leaving the hotel at 1115 pm ....

Was really a tiring night, but yet the biggest milestone in my life so far ... took a slice of cake in the car and I fell asleep immediately in the car after that.

I graduated from K2, ready to take the challenge as I move on to Primary Education !!!

Daddy and Mummy are waiting for the DVD from the school, which recorded the entire graduation concert, so that they can share it with all our close family members and relatives