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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Practise My Dance Movements

Need to keep on practising my dance movements before my graduation concert

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Discharged !!!

Thought I can be discharged on Sat but on Fri night, I had fever spike to 37.8 degC so the doctor decided to keep me for another day so that I can be given antibiotic.  Since I am allergic to a certain type of antibiotic (which happened to be an effective antibiotic), I had to given another type of antibiotic, which therefore would take more time for me to recover.

So throughout my stay, Kopitiam and Mr Bean became my favourite places to take a stroll (the doctor told us that walking around would help to get my phlegm out). 

Insisted on Daddy to take a photo with Mr Bean as well

Did not have fever since Sat evening and off on paracetamol since then. Doctor came on Sunday morning, and gave the clear signal that I can be discharged !!! Still have cough with phlegm, but the doctor said this is normal and should go away after few days.

After 7 days of hospital food, we decided to skip the lunch at the hospital, and I had my favourite Japanese food ... simple ramen and sushi !!! And I almost finished the ramen and all the sushi !!!

Hooray .... that means I can go back to school on Monday ... super excited

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hospitalized ...

Have been having fever spikes since last Tues .... so Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to the hospital to see a doctor.  Took some blood samples and a chest X-ray.  The blood results showed some bacterial infection and the chest X-ray showed some infection around the lungs.  So the doctor decided to admit me in hospital.

I had to have a needle inserted into my hand so as to start my antibiotic drip.  Daddy and Mummy thought I would cry my lungs out as they waited outside of the procedure room for me.  But surprisingly, I did cry a bit, but quickly stopped.  The doctor who did the insertion of needle for me was very skilful.  In fact, after the doctor has done that, I was happily asking the doctor what the needle was for, and kept looking at the needle.  The doctor said that I was a brave little gal.

So over the next few days, Mummy stayed with me at night, while Daddy visited me after work.  So in the afternoon, 姑姑,爷爷, 奶奶 and 公公 took turns on various days to come in the afternoon to take care of me, while Mummy went back home for a power nap and rest. 

See, I don't look like I was sick at all ... can still laugh and make funny faces

The temperature spikes were still high initially, and I had very bad chills when the temperature spiked up.  But after 3 days of admission, the temperature spikes were lower, and the chill duration was shorter.  But still not out of the woods.  In fact, the doctor needed at least 24 hrs of no fever before discharging me.  I missed my home, my friends, my teachers, and in fact, 表妹 kept asking 舅舅 to bring her to visit me .... definitely no, since her immune system was weak.

Ms Kristy and 周老师 sent a fruit basket over to wish me speedy recovery ....

By the 4th day, my temperature spikes reduced to maximum 38 degC, and my X ray and blood results showed improvement.  So got to hang in there .... hopefully can discharge by Sat

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Favourite Books

Simply love the Little Miss and Mr series ... In fact, I can recognize most of the characters of the series

And when Daddy and Mummy drew the characters, I can guess who they were most of the time

Medals !!!

After dinner, I decided to make Daddy and Mummy 2 medals ....

The first one for Daddy ....

And the second one for Mummy .... with both of them wearing the medals that I have made ...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angry Bird Game

Since I was still recovering from my fever, I had to skip Daddy's company family day at Universal Studio.  To entertain myself, I took out the Angry Bird toy that I bought from Bintan for $8 and play.

While waiting for Daddy to join me for the game, I went to YouTube on my TV and searched for Angry Bird videos ....

The way to play is to same as the Angry Bird game in iPhones and iPads.  Level 1 ....

Level 1 was easy. Managed to hit the Pig at the first try.  Then came level 2.  Still easy for me to hit all the pigs down

Then level 3.  Since we did not have enough Pigs, we used the 3rd square block to be the 3rd Pig.

Was not successful at the first round (with 4 angry birds).

But the second round, I managed to clear level 3 !!!!

Isn't that fun to bring the Angry Bird game into real life ???

Friday, October 19, 2012

Glass Painting

I fell ill after I came back from my Bintan trip .... must have had too much fun over there. Haha.  So while I was resting at home with Mummy, I did my glass painting (that I bought from my JB trip previously).

Did that all by myself, without any help from Mummy.  Nice ???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ClubMed Bintan Trip - Day 3

Day 3 started with trapeze activity again.  This time, Mummy wanted to catch me in action, so she convinced me to go for one round.  Daddy went for his monring swim since the sun was great.  But when it was my turn, Daddy quickly dropped by to give me his suport (since the pool was just beside the trapeze). 

Third experience did not convince me that I needed another try, so I decided to go for my tightrope walking experience. Haha. Daddy went back to his swim, and tanning session.  He ordered cocktail to enjoy ... just like the angmohs. Haha

Mummy managed to catch me at my tennis session.

Since this was our last day, and we had a ferry to catch at 245 pm, I left the mini club at 11 am to take a shower, and pack our luggages.  We went to check out, and rested in the lounge before going for lunch at 12 pm.  And Daddy ordered the cocktail of the day at the bar.  They served kiddy mocktails too ....

While we were having lunch at the restaurant, we saw there were some great activities at the pool. The theme of the day happened to be sports competition.  So lunch time, there was going to be a water basketball competition.  And the GOs put on a performance before the competition started.  If only we did not have to leave, Dady would have joined in the fun


After lunch, we gathered at the lobby to wait for our bus to bring us to the ferry terminal.  And I was relunctant to part with Sun jie-jie who took good care of me at the Mini Club

And a funny parting shot

And I got a certificate from Suki jiejie for being a wonderul member of the Mini Club during my stay at ClubMed

The journey back was pretty smooth, and we reached home at about 530 pm.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot during this trip, especially me at the Mini Club, where I made international friends, and played games that I have not tried out before. And in fact, Daddy gained about 1.5 kg from this trip ... too much eating and drinking, and too much relaxing .... looks like it would be hard for Daddy to burn off the extra kgs !!!

Conclusion of ClubMed : Highly personalized service and quality at the resort.  Nice environment and definitely a place that we would consider going back if we just want to relax and gain weight.  Possibly try out ClubMed Cherating at Kuantan, since that is the largest ClubMed in Asia, or perhaps a cruise (since I have not tried out cruise before).

Monday, October 15, 2012

ClubMed Bintan Trip - Day 2

Since I had to report to the mini club at 830-845 am, I woke up at 7 am to catch breakfast early.  I can spend a long time eating ... haha.

Day 2 activity started wth us trying out the flying trapeze !! Yes, you heard that right ... the same flying trapeze that Daddy tried out the previous day.  Mummy went for her yoga at 9 am, so Daddy stayed with me just to make sure I was OK for the flying trapeze.  The previous night, Daddy and Mummy already prep me for this, by showing me Daddy's video ...

See all ready to go.  I was the first one to go up ... and when Daddy asked me if I had gone for my practice, I told him no ... and Daddy was like ...WOW .... more gungho than him. Haha

After my try at the flying trapeze, I told Daddy it was quite scary, especially when the GO let go of me. Haha.  Decided to go for tightrope walking instead ... less scary than the flying trapeze ... haha

Daddy managed to convince me to go for another try.  But still scary leh ... haha.  After the flying trapeze activity, it was time for me to try out tennis at the indoor sports hall.  Daddy decided not to follow me (since I was comfortably settled in at the mini club) and went for his gym and run instead.  So no photos or video of me.  I had pool activity again after my tennis session.

Lunch time came, and I ate with all my friends at the restaurant, while Daddy and Mummy went for lunch by themselves.  The entire stay at ClubMed was pretty personalized and comfortable.  In fact, the previous night dinner, one of the GO came and join us.  He chatted with us, making us feel comfortable, and we asked questions about ClubMed etc ....

However, Day 2 weather was bad.  Rained during lunch time, and then the sun was out.  Mummy booked a 2.5 hrs spa therapy, while Daddy decided to hit the pool again.  Been a long time since Daddy had a good swim.  But after 45 mins or so, the rain came back again, so Daddy decided to stay in the lounge and enjoy his cocktails and snacks .... and this time, he ordered an apple martini, tasted very good.  Archery lessons were also cancelled since it was raining.  There were some indoor activities, but Daddy decided to give it a miss and went back to our room.  Long time since he did nothing and relaxed. Haha

At 4 pm, the mini club had a special event, and it was boat making activity.  Daddy went to take a peek to see how I was doing ....

The boat that I made with another Korean friend, with the help of Sun jie-jie.  See our names printed on the boat, and we called the boat "2 Princesses" !!!

Daddy and I went back to our room, bathed me, and then as usual, I took a power nap.  Mummy back from recharged from her spa session, and we were all ready to go for dinner.  In fact, there were different themes every night, and that night happened to be "Pink and Black" dress code.  I happened to have my pink polo tee, and very dark jeans ... so could fit the dress code ...haha.  Another GO came and join us for dinner.

And after dinner at 8 pm, it was special mini club event again.  Remembered the boat that we made in the day time.  It was time to sail our boats and see which boat reached the finishing line the first.  See all our boats on display

Me and my korean friend holding onto our boat.

Before the boat competition, some stretching exercises and we had 2 dances to keep us awake and ready for the competition

Then the competition started ... unfortunately, our boat was off-centered so it sank very early in the competition.  Luckily Suki jie-jie helped us "push" the boat to the finishing line. 

In the end, winner had a certificate and medals, while the rest had certificates as well.

And we finished off with a last dance, before heading back to our rooms.

Getting ready for the 3rd day of adventure, after a good night rest

Sunday, October 14, 2012

ClubMed Bintan Trip - Day 1

Daddy and Mummy heard from Uncle Shucheng that ClubMed Bintan is a super nice place for a good family vacation, so Daddy booked a trip to ClubMed Bintan for the entire family.

I was so excited to go on this trip because this is the first time I am taking a ferry (although I have been telling Mummy that I did not want to go on a ferry since the HK boat collision incident).  In fact, the night before, I was super excited that I fell asleep very late (could not get to sleep).  And the following morning, I woke up before 6 am to catch my ferry.

So we reached the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal about 715 am to catch our ferry at 810 am. 

Err ... can I drink that ?

The ferry came on time, and off we go to Bintan !!!

The ferry took only about 45 mins to reach Bintan.  And after we have cleared the customs, the ClubMed bus took us to the resort (about 10 mins or so).  And upon reaching the resort, we were given a very very warm welcome (fanfare) by the staff, with a welcome drink.  Yummy yummy

Still in time for breakfast, so the staff (they are called GO = Gracious or Great Organizers) brought us to the Waterfall Restaurant for buffet breakfast.  The spread was pretty good, and since the resort is family oriented, they had children's cutlery and food.

After breakfast, we headed down to our room.  Size was decent

Forgot to ask for a queen size bed instead ....

But does not matter to me, because I am going to sleep on the day bed (pretty decent size even for an adult) !!!

Shower facilities, with separate toilet.  Place was very clean

And a balcony overlooking the greenery and a pond

After settling down with our luggages, we headed out to explore the resort.  And I was all ready, with my hat and my backpack.  As we passed by some gardener and cleaner, they greeted us.  Very impressive.  In fact, the service culture could be seen from all levels of the organization. 

Played table tennis with Daddy while waiting for a briefing and orientation of the resort and the facilities.

And after the orientation, we quickly went to the Mini Club.  And this was where I was going to spend most of my time during my vacation.  A club specially dedicated for kids from 4-7 years old, where parents 'park' them at the club and then went to do their activities. 

Trying to familiarize myself with the place.  In fact, I was ready to have Daddy and Mummy leave me alone so that I can get on with my activities. Haha.  There were a few crying kids refusing to part with their daddies and mummies, but I had no problem with that. Haha.  Of course, Daddy and Mummy had to sign me in, and sign me out everytime if I wanted to leave the club.

The petit club, for kids from 2-3 years old.

And the petit club had care bear toy beside each mini bed !!! Really considerate

Daddy and Mummy explored the mini club facilities.

Pool time activity at the mini club.  Changed into my swimming costume, waiting for fun to start

When lunch time came, Daddy and Mummy peeked at me to see how I was doing.  Of course all settled in with my friends

Time for Daddy and Mummy to have time to themselves at the restaurant.  They saw there was aqua aerobics going on at the pool .... nice.  Buffet spread was good (international).  The western and japanese corners were pretty good, while the rest was average.  Free flow of wine and beer ... superb.

After lunch, it was beach play !!! Mummy took photos and videos from far, while Daddy went for his afternoon swim at the pool

After beach play, it was time for soccer at the Coconut Garden area.  And I ended up chasing the ball, instad of kicking the ball. Haha

Daddy went to try out the flying trapeze.  His first try, but managed to survive the experience. Haha.

In fact there was free food everywhere, and at anytime of the day.  After lunch time was over, people can enjoy tea break time at a different restaurant, so go for quick snacks / finger food at the lounge.  Can order drinks at the bars (3 different locations). 

Daddy and Mummy went to pick me up close to 445 pm.  And they saw me enjoying myself at the mini club pool.

We went back to our room, had a shower, then I had a quick power nap for 45 mins, before we went for dinner.  And everyday at 8 pm, there would be a special mini club event.  And that day happened to be Bingo !!!

Won a medal, because one of the GO gave me her almost "bingo" card .... haha.

Daddy and Mummy were sitting at the lounge watching me from behind.  Ordered cocktail and mocktail to enjoy .... everyday there would be a special cocktail of the day to try.  Dady quickly realized that he did not like the taste of tequila, so no more cocktail with that in it.

We reached back our room at 9 pm (one hour difference from Singapore time - Singapore time would be 10 pm).  We video called 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 and told them all about our room, and what we did ... haha.

And I was pretty soon dreaming of all the activities that I had done ....