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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Offsite and BBQ

Daddy went for his company's offsite on Friday, and in the afternoon, they had a teambuilding session, and that was to build a roller coaster using straws and balloon sticks.

And with good teamwork, this was the final product ...

And putting the roller coaster to a real test .... 50% success rate !!! Daddy and his team tested it many times before and the success rate was pretty high

Mummy and I joined Daddy after his offsite for a BBQ dinner along the Rasa Sentosa beach.  This was one of the way for Daddy's company to say thank you to all the families.  Heard the cost per head was $120++, but frankly speaking, if you do not drink liquor, the dinner was not worth that price.  Anyway, it was quite a nice idea to meet up with Daddy's colleagues and their families, and to have dinner with them

And in case you wonder who the little cute boy is .... he is Auntie Cheryl's son !!! Daddy managed to 'kidnap' him from his mummy and take a photo

And the Technical team .... almost everyone

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ballet Lessons

Learnt some new ballet dance steps .... definitely enjoying my ballet classes

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival - Central @ Clarke Quay

On Sunday evening, we decided to go to Central @ Clarke Quay to take a look at the lantern display (to compare that against the Chinese Garden exhibit).

Luckily, that evening was not as humid compared to the previous day.  Arranged to meet up with
爷爷, 奶奶 and  姑姑 there.  叔叔 went for a short getaway and not back in Singapore yet.

Took my lantern along to take photos

And as usual, every year, we will take photos against the animals. The year of Dog ....

Mummy belongs to the year of Snake

Dragon year for Daddy ... 犯太岁

Year of Tiger for 姑姑

And I quickly dragged 爷爷 and  奶奶 to the year of Rat

But the other animals were pretty well designed

Since I still have school the next day, we went home pretty early.  Conclusion : a better deal than Chinese Garden exhibit

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival - Chinese Garden

Daddy's company has some cheaper tickets to the Chinese Garden Mid Autumn Festival event, so he bought some tickets to bring 表妹 and I to celebrate the festival.  公公 went along, and we decided to give 舅舅 and 舅母 a break so that they can enjoy some couple time.

Had an early dinner at home, before we set off to Chinese Garden at 715 pm.  When we reached there, 表妹 was overwhelmed by the crowd and dazzling lights that she got uncomfortable and kept wanting to go home.  So Daddy had to carry 表妹 and pacify her, while Mummy and 公公 took me around.  After some soak time, 表妹 felt better, and agreed to take some photos with me.  We took our lanterns along

The big lantern display when we first went into Chinese Garden

Then 表妹 got a little cranky and so Daddy had to pacify her while I decided to get some more photos taken

表妹 joined me, after Daddy promised her that we will go home soon, after getting our free lantern (candle type)

The wishing tree ... need to spend $10 to buy a token to write our wishes and then throw the token up in the tree ... we decided to give that a miss, but just took photos

We went to get our candle type free lanterns, and then lit the candles.  Both 表妹 and I took one each to walk around

But as the candle in my lantern slowly burnt away, one drop of wax droped on my leg accidentally though a hole in the base of the lantern. And then I cried for a while, and refused to take the lantern anymore.  Daddy tried to get the wax off my leg, but I simply refused to let anyone touch my leg.  In the end, I took the wax off after 5 mins or so.

Then we decided our battery operated type lanterns were safer.

We went to the 7 storey pagoda.  Wanted to go up the pagoda, but it was closed.  Shall come to the garden next time before 7 pm to climb up the pagoda and look at the nice view from the top.

The paper lion lantern ... and 2 pretending-to-be-fierce lions

More photos with the lantern displays

And there were displays of dragons from different dynasty .... some fat, some really skinny ....

But the best part of the tour had to be the fun I had at the mobile theme park ... rowing a boat on water.  I played for 2 rounds

The inflatable playground.  Daddy managed to convince 表妹 to go in with me, very quickly, she regretted and wanted to get out.  Daddy managed to get her to just jump around with him holding onto her

And at 9 pm, we waited eagerly for the fireworks to go off .... nothing too fanciful about the fireworks (cannot be compared to those during the NDP), but good enough for me.  表妹 was intimidated by the loud noises, and Mummy had to bring her away from the firework display area

After the firework display, we decided to go home.  Getting out of the carpark was a nightmare ... we spent almost 30 mins before we could get out onto the main road !!!!

Overall, the trip was not really worth the ticket price.  Nothing extraordinary, and coupled with the carpark jam, think the lantern display at Central @ Clarke Quay is good enough

Saturday, September 22, 2012

K2 Confidence Camp

Have been waiting for 21 Sep to come .... because I do not have to go to school in the morning !!! Instead, I will report to school at 5 pm, because it is the K2 Confidence Camp.  And that means, I get to stay overnight in school, away from Daddy and Mummy for one night !!! COOL !!! And that was the reason why Daddy and Mummy could go and enjoy themselves on Fri evening without me as the light bulb

So Mummy took leave that day, and arranged with Auntie Winnie (Joel's Mummy) and Olivia's grandmother to bring us (the kids) to the library in the morning.  See the happy trio ....

Then we went for lunch together, before we went back home to prepare for our evening camp. 

Took a one hr nap before I packed my stuff in my big bag (yes, Mummy refused to help me, since I needed to be responsible for myself to ensure I took all the required stuff according to the list given).  Each of us has a K2 Confidence Camp T-shirt that we would have to wear for the camp.  When I wore my T-shirt, it was pretty big for me.  Then I asked Mummy : wouldn't that become a dress for Olivia ?? Haha.

Ready to set off to school ....

And I tried to carry my BIG bag .... super heavy (can see from my expression)

I tried calling Daddy on his mobile so that I can talk to him before I went to school.  Unfortunately, Daddy was stuck in a meeting, so could not speak to me .... *sob* *sob*.  Actually, Daddy wanted to leave office a little earlier than usual to meet me in school (should say leave office on time, since Friday, the working hours are slightly earlier), but he was stuck in a last minute meeting.

Anyway, told Mummy that Daddy and Mummy must be there on Saturday morning to pick me up from my camp ....

So on Saturday morning, Daddy and Mummy reached school at 915 am to pick me up.  And then Ms Kristy and 周老师 told them that I slept only after midnight !!! Think I was too excited or not used to sleeping in a new environment, so I kept waking up and looking around.  Even when all my friends were asleep, I would just sit up and "talk" to myself .... haha.  And poor Ms Kristy and 周老师  could not have a good sleep as well.  And I was the first to walk up the following morning.  Looks like I would be a zombie on Saturday .... need to force myself to sleep in the day.

But I was so excited that I told Daddy about my camp when I reached home before I forced myself to sleep.  Told him about the obstacle course that we had .... blindfolded, and going through each station to taste the food and figure out what that was ... there was ribena drink, gummy sweet, and onions !!! Yucks.  Then we played water bombs and 周老师 instigated us to bomb Ms Kristy. Haha

And night time, we had campfire in the school compound.  A real fire, where we gathered around and started singing campfire songs !!!  The entire activity lasted till about 10 pm, before the teachers put us to bed.  But my adrenaline kept me awake till after midnight .... haha

Was a really fun experience, especially when I get to stay outside of home with all my friends. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Korean Feast !!!

Daddy and Mummy did not have me as 'light bulb' on Fri evening (shall tell the reason why I was not with them in another post) so they decided to go try out some authentic Korean feast.  Daddy remembered his colleague mentioned some korean family restaurant near Beauty World, so they went there (Kim's Korean Family Restaurant).

And indeed it was quite authentic.  For a start, they had this wide variety of starter dishes .... when Daddy went to Houston for business trips years back, he tried out a korean restaurant, and they had close to 12 starter dishes !!!

Because of the starter dishes, they decided not to order too much food .... had chicken

Kimchi pancake ... yummy

Spicy seafood soup .... and really flavourful, with the freshness from clams, prawns, squid and crab !!!

They were so full from the feast that they next went to Orchard to do some late window shopping and walk around to digest the food.  Been a long time since they wandered down Orchard Road late at night .... settled down for some coffee at Coffee Bean.  By 11 pm, they were feeling the "drowsy bug" effect, so decided to go home ... old already. Haha

Nice to get rid of me once in a while .... haha

Monday, September 17, 2012


We saw a very interesting sight .... with 10 big fishes lying on the ground, kicking.  And when Daddy asked the lady what the charges are to fish from the pond, she told him that it cost $5 per rod to catch a fish.  But if the string from the rod was broken while trying to catch the fish, she will have to pay another $5 to get a new rod and try her luck again

It was her son who was fishing, and he was quite a pro.  Spent $80 (total 13 rods), and managed to catch 10 BIG fishes !!! Each fish cost $8, pretty cheap.  And the lady usually brings the fishes home to cook. 

Really for people who love the thrill of fishing

叔叔 Birthday Celebration

We went to celebrate 叔叔's birthday on Sunday evening at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant.  Saw the groupon voucher for a 6 pax 8-course dinner, so we bought that since 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and 叔叔 have not tried that restaurant before.

So as usual, I drew a birthday card for 叔叔.  And see 叔叔's hands pointng upwards .... his trademark action, because he always does that to style his hair.  So I had to capture that trademark action on his birthday card.  Haha.

The menu for the dinner. Yummy !!!

And the quality of food was pretty good, and fresh !!!

And then it was time to sing the birthday song.  I chose the hazelnut chocolate cake myself.  Told Daddy and Mummy that I cannot chose a cake with cartoon design, since it was not my birthday.

叔叔 did not want to cluster the cake with candles .... so he is one year old

And after the birthday song, I gave 叔叔 a big kiss on his cheek, on behalf of Hazel 姐姐. 

Happy Birthday 叔叔, and enjoy your trip with Hazel 姐姐