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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Preparing for Kidzania Adventure

One good way to prepare for my Kidzania trip in July is to have me clean the house using the mop ... and not to mention it is free labour for Daddy and Mummy !!!

I do look quite professional, isn't it ??

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angry Bird Masks

表妹 went for the cable car experience and she has this extra set of Angry Bird masks.  So she gave it to me.

So how do I look in my masks ???

In fact, Daddy thinks I look the best in my piggy mask (just that I am a super skinny pig. Haha) !!! Dun friend Daddy anymore ....

And what about a 3-in-1 mask ??? The ultimate Angry Bird !!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playing Badminton

My first time trying out badminton ....

Shall try it out again next time .... need more practice. Haha

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Madagascar 3 Experience

I simply love Madagascar the movie.  So when I heard that Madagascar 3 is screening now, I told Daddy and Mummy that I wanted to watch the movie.  So on Saturday, we decided to watch the movie at Jurong Point GV using the free movie vouchers that Daddy has.

Went to catch the 245 pm movie, after my ballet class.  We reached there 10 mins before the movie started, so went in early to wait to catch some of the commercials and movie previews.  Daddy bought the popcorn combo set so that we can munch during the movie.

Upon stepping into Cinema 6, it was so stuffy and hot. Daddy went to check with the staff and was told that they were trying to restart the aircon.  Should be ready before the movie start.  And we thought Jurong Point GV just underwent a renovation !!!! So we waited patiently and watched the commercials.  At about 250 pm, the movie started and the aircon was not functioning at all.  It was really hot and stuffy, and imagine sitting in a sauna for the next 1.5-2 hrs !!!! So we decided to skip the movie and ask for a refund, along with some other patrons.  Really unfortunate just when I was so hyped up, waiting to see my favourite Madagascar movie !!!

See how I had my popcorn in my hands, ready to munch them when the movie started .. sigh

So we had a refund for the movie (they gave Daddy extra complimentary tickets as compensation), including the popcorn combo set.  Mummy then realized that there was a 3D Madagascar show at 320 pm, so we quickly used our complimentary tickets (and decided to top up the balance) for the 3D show. But the staff refused to let us use the complimentary tickets since they were for the regular movies.  So we told them to refund us cash instead of complimentary tickets, and the staff said this was not possible !!! Really stupid.  Daddy and Mummy asked to talk to the manager, and in the end, the manager decided to let us use the complimentary tickets for the 3D movie in Cinema 3.

We stepped into the cinema ... place was cool, that means aircon was working .... phew !!!

Since it was my first time watching the 3D movie, I was quite execited .... trying out my 3D glassess ....

And Daddy's 3D glassess .. too big for me.

The commercial started ... and after 1 minute, the colours on the screen went crazy .... Daddy and Mummy were thinking in their mind, NOT AGAIN !!! So we thought maybe only the commercials were affected, so we waited for the movie to start and see if the colours were back to normal.  And when the movie started, the colours were still crazy .... Daddy went again to check with the staff, and the staff immediately told the technical crew to check the AV equipment !!! They actually did not know that something was wrong ??? And then the announcement came : "Due to a technical error, we are checking the equipment.  The movie will restart in 10 mins".  So we sat there waiting patiently ....

And 10 mins later, came the same announcement, telling us to wait for another 10 mins.  And by the time, the 3rd announcement came (the same one), Daddy decided to ask the staff how long more do we have to wait.  Since the staff could not give a concrete answer, we decided to ask for a refund AGAIN (refund of a refund) !!! And when we asked to be refunded for our parking coupon and in the end, had 2 more complimentary tickets.

Daddy was telling Mummy that I am Madagascar 3 克星 !!! And as we stepped out of the cinema, Mummy saw that there was another cinema theatre that was out due to a technical error !! Gosh, Jurong Point has 6 theatres, and 3 were out on a single day !!! Wonder what was the use of a renovation.

I was so disappointed that I could not catch my Madagascar 3 movie, so Mummy checked that Tiong Bahru GV had that show at 505 pm, and the theatre was still very empty.  So we drove down to the cinema to catch the movie.  And YES !!!! Everything was great .... aircon was working, screen was OK ...

I enjoyed the movie a lot, except for the part when the bad lady who wanted to kill Alex appeared ... I fidgeted a little, sobbed a little everytime she appeared ... but the last straw was at the last part of the movie when she fired the death bullet at Alex.  I just burst out crying loudly in the cinema, and Daddy had to carry me to console me .... luckily it was almost at the end of the movie, and the bad lady was quickly nailed down by Alex and his friends.

Overall experience ... given up hope on Jurong Point GV, Madagascar 3 is a great movie (even Daddy and Mummy enjoyed it a lot).  But looks like I still like to live in a world where there is no bad guys at all ... and that means Barney movies !!! Haha

And 叔叔 shall have the free 3D complimentary tickets, all thanks to Jurong Point GV !!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ballet Photos

While waiting for my ballet class to start, Daddy decided to take a few photos of me in my full gear ...

Do I look like a bride of the old days ???

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Alarm Clock

In order to have me cultivate a good habit of waking up by myself, Daddy and Mummy decided to buy me an alarm clock.  I saw this conventional one at IKEA, and decided to get this.

This is how the alarm clock sounds like ...

So on Saturday night, Daddy set the alarm to sound off at 8 am, since the following day was a Sunday ... time to wake up a little later.  Then Daddy sent me to bed.

The next day, I walked into Daddy and Mummy's room and told Mummy (Daddy went out early for his Mizuno run) that the alarm clock was spoilt !!! Mummy looked at the time and saw that it was only 730 am, and told me it was not time for the alarm to go off yet. 

But I told Mummy, I woke up early, waited in my room, and stared at the alarm clock for really, really long time and still the alarm did not go off !!! Mummy laughed her head off when she heard that.  So I don't need an alarm clock to wake me up ?????

Daddy heard the story, laughed it off, and decided to try again on Sunday night.  Set the alarm at 7 am for school the next day.  And this time, after a few seconds of ringing, I managed to silence it and woke up at 7 am by myself !!!

Daddy was glad that the alarm clock worked ... but secretly he was wondering if I had woke up at 6+ and waited for the alarm clock to sound off, ready to silence it .... haha

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Pink + Red Riding Hoods

Little Pink and Red Riding Hoods .... don't we look super cute ???

Other than 表妹 looking super squashed .... haha

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Presents

This year, for Father's Day, I made many cards and presents for Daddy.

Starting with this paper bag.  I drew myself on the paper bag, so that when Daddy uses that in future, he will always see me

Then the Father's Day card

A pictorial book for Daddy .... see Daddy holding my hands as we go out for hamburgers !!!

Another Father's Day card

And finally, a present that I made by myself .... so that I can write down what I want to say to Daddy, and clip that on the little house ....

Daddy, Happy Father's Day !!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Poor 表妹

Poor 表妹 .... she was hospitalized for asthma attack on last weekend.  She does have sensitive lungs and airways, and when she catches a flu, she is prone to asthma attacks.  So we went down to visit her, and brought her a helium balloon and a sticker book so that she would not be so bored.

And  表妹 was so happy to see me !!! Since it was lunch time, I decided to feed her myself

Fortunately for 表妹, she was discharged after 2 days.  Hope her asthma attacks will slowly go away as she grows up.

Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run 2012

Daddy went for his second 10 km run for this year : the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run.  He did this run 2 years back, but missed it last year.

Had a lot of uphill and downhill areas, especially the mount faber portion ... Daddy had to walk and run for quite a bit .... but he still managed to complete the 10 km run in just under 1 hour (in fact, 1 min short of 1 hour ... haha)

As usual, I am his model for displaying his finisher's medal ... haha

While Daddy went for this run in the morning, I also did some exercise .... went for my morning swim !!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spiderman Performance

We went down to Orchard on Saturday afternoon, and we saw the Spiderman performance at Taka B2 event hall.

Super agile spiderman !!! If only it was Dora, or some princess performance, I would be super thrilled !!!

Seeing Twins ???

See Daddy's chair and my chair .... side by side !!!

Daddy bought the small chair from IKEA for me earlier on, and after seeing how I enjoyed sitting on my chair, while I watched my favourite TV program, Daddy decided to get one for himself.  And he chose the same design and colour to match my chair !!!

So we will be sitting in the chairs while watching our favourite TV programs !!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Madagascar Performance in JB

Daddy and Mummy took leave on Friday to go to JB to get my toiletries ... because for every bottle of Sebamed Shower Bath Oil, we can save easily $6 (if Singapore is having sale, otherwise, it would be even more) !!! So everytime they will comb the shopping centres and sweep the entire shelf empty ... but it was quite hard to find the bath oil since not high demand, and so not many shopping centres carry that.  At the same time, it was great to have cheap and good meals in JB .... and to enjoy some relaxed shopping.

And this time, they saw a Madagascar performance (due to Madagascar 3 movie which will be screening in Malaysia in Jul).  Daddy and Mummy knew if I were to go with them that day, I will simply go ga-ga over the performance.

But Daddy and Mummy promised to bring me to the cinema to watch Madagascar 3 next weekend !!! Hooray !!! Cannot wait for that

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Princess Bedroom Craft Work

Took this craft work out from my cupboard, since this was supposed to be completed by  5+ years kids .... so perfect for me at this time.

Mummy and I started on this little project.  I started with little tasks .... and after watching Mummy for a while, I managed to complete the cupboard !!!

Ta-da !!! Finally completed the craft work

My princess bedroom set ... going to be displayed in my princess bedroom !!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Painting Art

In one of the birthday pack from my classmate some time back, there was this painting art kit.  So I decided to take it out and start on that.
And the 2 finished products ...

As usual, need more improvement. Haha

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrate Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's actual birthday is on Saturday, so Mummy and I planned to celebrate his birthday on Friday evening by going out to have a nice dinner, and celebrate his birthday on Saturday with the rest of the family members.

Unfortunately, I developed a fever (about 39 degC) on Friday afternoon, and so Daddy had to bring me to see a doctor in the afternoon, and then stayed home.  So coincidental !!!

Fortunately, after 3 doses of fever-subsiding medication, my fever came down on Saturday morning, so it was still in time to celebrate Daddy's birthday !!!! Phew !!!

I drew a birthday card for Daddy a few days back (made sure Daddy was not at home or was busy having night telecons so that he did not see me preparing the card).

On Saturday, 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 came over to our place in the afternoon.  叔叔 was down with flu so he could not join us.  Mummy wanted to cook Thai food for dinner (green curry, pineapple rice etc), but 奶奶 tummy was not feeling well, so we decided to go out for some simple fare at JCube.

Then we came back for some durian (we bought them on the way back), and then eat the cake that 姑姑 bought

Happy birthday, Daddy !!! And I made Daddy sleep with me that night (by squeezing with me in my single bed) .... haha.

K2 Parent Teacher Meeting

On Saturday afternoon, Daddy and Mummy went to meet up with Ms Kristy and 周老师 to go over my progress in school.

Overall, my learning progress is pretty good, able to pick things up fast.  Also willing to help the teachers and my fellow classmates.  But the teachers highlighted that I cannot sit still in my seat during class ... can sit in one location, and the next moment (few minutes later), I was seen sitting in another location !!! But surprisingly, I was still able to capture what the teachers have taught ... haha.  The teachers have seen some improvement in that in the last 6 months ... but I still need more discipline to sit still for lessons (especially when P1 comes)

The other improvement that I need is to really spend time beautifying my work.  When I was given a piece of work (eg. do some art and craft work like drawing), I was usually one of the first to complete my work.  But the quality of work was not really good.  Eg. when asked to draw a character I like best, I just drew the character, and nothing else, while others would spend some time drawing the character and beautifying with some clouds, flowers etc.  I just want to be the first to complete and work .... sigh.  So need constant reminder to rework .. hope this will improve over time

Daddy took some craft work that I did in school

Overall, nothing significant that Daddy and Mummy need to worry about .... hooray !!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Same Person ???

My passport is going to expire at the end of the year, so Daddy and Mummy received a notification from ICA to renew my passport. 

So we went to the studio to take a black and white photo for my new passport .... this is how I look at 5.5 years old !!!

And this was the photo on my old passport !!! Haha, taken at about 1 year old .... any similarities ???

My Graduation Dress

Remember the search that Daddy, Mummy and I had 2 weeks back, for my graduation dress .... and this is how I look in it !!!

Little princess .... haha.  Eagerly looking forward to my graduation photo shoot, graduation concert rehearsal and recording ... and the final concert at the end of the year

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Singing and Strolling Fun

Holding hands with 表妹, we ended up singing and strolling ....

And in case, you did not notice how we tied our hair .... exactly the same !!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Twister Fun

I tried out the Twister game with Daddy the first time, but he always won because of his long legs and hands.  So this time, I decided to play a fair game with Joel

In the end, we had so much fun twisting ourselves

And this was what we ended up with

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swimming with Joel and Camille

Joel and Camille came over to my place to have some fun ... so we went to try out the baby and kid's pool.

Start with swimming with the boards

And then swimming freestyle, without the help of the board

Then we went to the 'island' at the middle of the pool ...

And then we swam back to where the adults were sitting

Daddy and Mummy felt that it was money well spent to enroll me in the swimming lessons organized by my school

Ping Pong Fun

Daddy went to Velocity to collect his race pack on Sat.  And we happened to see a section blocked out whereby people can have a go playing ping pong ... so I eagerly tried out the sports ....

FUN !!!!