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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Madagascar 3 Experience

I simply love Madagascar the movie.  So when I heard that Madagascar 3 is screening now, I told Daddy and Mummy that I wanted to watch the movie.  So on Saturday, we decided to watch the movie at Jurong Point GV using the free movie vouchers that Daddy has.

Went to catch the 245 pm movie, after my ballet class.  We reached there 10 mins before the movie started, so went in early to wait to catch some of the commercials and movie previews.  Daddy bought the popcorn combo set so that we can munch during the movie.

Upon stepping into Cinema 6, it was so stuffy and hot. Daddy went to check with the staff and was told that they were trying to restart the aircon.  Should be ready before the movie start.  And we thought Jurong Point GV just underwent a renovation !!!! So we waited patiently and watched the commercials.  At about 250 pm, the movie started and the aircon was not functioning at all.  It was really hot and stuffy, and imagine sitting in a sauna for the next 1.5-2 hrs !!!! So we decided to skip the movie and ask for a refund, along with some other patrons.  Really unfortunate just when I was so hyped up, waiting to see my favourite Madagascar movie !!!

See how I had my popcorn in my hands, ready to munch them when the movie started .. sigh

So we had a refund for the movie (they gave Daddy extra complimentary tickets as compensation), including the popcorn combo set.  Mummy then realized that there was a 3D Madagascar show at 320 pm, so we quickly used our complimentary tickets (and decided to top up the balance) for the 3D show. But the staff refused to let us use the complimentary tickets since they were for the regular movies.  So we told them to refund us cash instead of complimentary tickets, and the staff said this was not possible !!! Really stupid.  Daddy and Mummy asked to talk to the manager, and in the end, the manager decided to let us use the complimentary tickets for the 3D movie in Cinema 3.

We stepped into the cinema ... place was cool, that means aircon was working .... phew !!!

Since it was my first time watching the 3D movie, I was quite execited .... trying out my 3D glassess ....

And Daddy's 3D glassess .. too big for me.

The commercial started ... and after 1 minute, the colours on the screen went crazy .... Daddy and Mummy were thinking in their mind, NOT AGAIN !!! So we thought maybe only the commercials were affected, so we waited for the movie to start and see if the colours were back to normal.  And when the movie started, the colours were still crazy .... Daddy went again to check with the staff, and the staff immediately told the technical crew to check the AV equipment !!! They actually did not know that something was wrong ??? And then the announcement came : "Due to a technical error, we are checking the equipment.  The movie will restart in 10 mins".  So we sat there waiting patiently ....

And 10 mins later, came the same announcement, telling us to wait for another 10 mins.  And by the time, the 3rd announcement came (the same one), Daddy decided to ask the staff how long more do we have to wait.  Since the staff could not give a concrete answer, we decided to ask for a refund AGAIN (refund of a refund) !!! And when we asked to be refunded for our parking coupon and in the end, had 2 more complimentary tickets.

Daddy was telling Mummy that I am Madagascar 3 克星 !!! And as we stepped out of the cinema, Mummy saw that there was another cinema theatre that was out due to a technical error !! Gosh, Jurong Point has 6 theatres, and 3 were out on a single day !!! Wonder what was the use of a renovation.

I was so disappointed that I could not catch my Madagascar 3 movie, so Mummy checked that Tiong Bahru GV had that show at 505 pm, and the theatre was still very empty.  So we drove down to the cinema to catch the movie.  And YES !!!! Everything was great .... aircon was working, screen was OK ...

I enjoyed the movie a lot, except for the part when the bad lady who wanted to kill Alex appeared ... I fidgeted a little, sobbed a little everytime she appeared ... but the last straw was at the last part of the movie when she fired the death bullet at Alex.  I just burst out crying loudly in the cinema, and Daddy had to carry me to console me .... luckily it was almost at the end of the movie, and the bad lady was quickly nailed down by Alex and his friends.

Overall experience ... given up hope on Jurong Point GV, Madagascar 3 is a great movie (even Daddy and Mummy enjoyed it a lot).  But looks like I still like to live in a world where there is no bad guys at all ... and that means Barney movies !!! Haha

And 叔叔 shall have the free 3D complimentary tickets, all thanks to Jurong Point GV !!!

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