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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

National Orchid Garden Excursion

Since 公公 and Daddy have not been to the National Orchid garden, we decided to go there on Sunday while it was still free for Singaporeans.  Went in the morning so that the weather was not that hot yet.

Taking a photo behind the mini waterfall ....

And the entrance of the garden. 

Aren't I cute, with my little sunglasses on ?

Enjoying the scent of the flowers

And gosh, what was that ???

Applying what I have learnt in modelling school

There was a cool house inside the garden.  So we decided to take a look, hoping that the place was air-conditioned

And it was !!! And at specific timing of the day, there will be water mist spraying at the plants !!!!

And see my wet hair when I came out of the cool house

Luckily, there was Daddy who can carry me around when I was tired ....

And the various species of orchids found in the garden .... simply beautiful

Oops, not exactly an orchid.  Daddy was explaining to me how this plant can trap insects and extract the nutrients out of them ....

After my trip, we went to Ghim Moh market for a delicious lunch, before returning home

Sunday, July 29, 2012

IMM Playground

Went to IMM playground for some fun while Mummy and 公公 went to buy some stuff.  So Daddy took photo and video of me while I was having fun. 

Sat on the BIG banana and refused to jump down while Daddy was trying to encourage me to do that.  The first time, had Daddy assist me in the jump. 

And after that, I was jumping down on my own many times.  I just needed to build my confidence ....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ethan's Birthday Party

Saturday was Ethan's birthday party, and he invited the class to celebrate this 6th birthday with him at CSC function room.  We reached the place at about 220 pm together with Joel and family.  Met Theodore and family at the carpark.

Since the magic show was only scheduled at 3 pm, so we decided to go for body painting.  And I chose to have a beautiful mermaid painted on my arm .... see the little details of the mermaid. 

Camille had a giraffe painted on her arm as well.  In fact, Ethan was so obsessed with military stuff that he had his face painted with camouflage colours and wore the army uniform as well.  His Daddy said ever since he brought Ethan to the Army Open House in Jun 2012, Ethan was completely obsessed with army ....

The magician came promptly at 3 pm, and we started the magic show.  My Funny was so hilarious that he had all of us laughing throughout the 30 mins show. Engaged all the kids every moment.

Even the adults were entertained by the magic tricks

Time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake.  All the kids gathered around the birthday boy, ready to take a photo.  From Daddy's angle, Ethan was blocked by Wei Hong. Haha

While the kids were having fun, the adults were catching up with one another (birthday parties are usually the time for parents to catch up with one another).  And the hot topic for the month is ..... Pri 1 registration !!!
Happy Birthday Ethan

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Photos

Some photos that Daddy took during one of our outings ... the shop owner must be thinking how to get the 2 noisy ones out of his shops

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weiken - A Big Disappointment

Daddy and Mummy looked around quite a bit for renovation contractors for our house few months back, and finally decided on Weiken, since they advertised on TV (sponsored some TV programs).  So they should be not bad, based on their reputation.

And in the end, it was a BIG mistake !!!!

The designer was pretty good, and the designs that she came up with fit Daddy and Mummy's expectation.  But their workmanship was TERRIBLE !!! We had new bedroom wardrobes, re-designed the entire kitchen (stove, sink, cupboards), and also did the vanity tops.  Of course, a fresh coat of painting for the house. And in the process, we faced the following :

1. Wardrobe dimensions were smaller than the original. Their workers took measurements on-site, but in the end, delivered a product that was smaller than original.  And the alignment between the top and bottom wardrobes was out as well !!! Since our schedule was a little tight, we accepted the smaller dimensions, but had them aligned the top and bottom portions. 

2. Doors hinges were not installed properly.  Drawer locks were faulty.  And they thought we would not discover !!! Would have thought these were the simplest things that they should have checked after their installation, before handing over to us.

3. PVC laminate for the wardrobes were not properly cut and glued on the wardrobes.  Had some out-of-alignment, and in the end, had to get them to re-do some portions.

4. Toilet bowl was not installed properly and screws not tightened properly.  Was slow leaking water out on the floor.  Everytime we went to check, there was a puddle of water around the toilet bowl and on the floor. The designer said they were doing some plumbing work so it was normal.  But after a few times, Daddy decided to find out for himself.  After wiping the floor dry, he realized the floor was wet again after 15 mins, and water seeping out .... had to get the contractor back, and he said the screw was not tightened well ... and imagine, water wastage for easily 2+ weeks !!!

5. Had specifically told the contractor to leave a small gap from the wall, while installing the sink. The designer even had that marked down on the drawings.  In the end, they did not leave the gap that we wanted.  The designer tried to convince us to accept the mistake.  Out of good will, we accepted and had to swap the kitchen fittings around.

6. The painting was not well done, especially tiny gaps where it would take more effort to paint.  The contractor thought we would not notice that.  In the end, had to get them to do quite a lot of touch up. 

7. While fixing the stove so as to connect to LPG cylinder, the contractor threw away the fitting for the LPG cylinder.  In the end, Daddy and Mummy had to pay the LPG cylinder vendor for the fitting. Had to ask Weiken to reimburse

8. Before we signed the contract with Weiken, we asked them if they could help us install bathroom fittings, and they said not an issue, with no hidden cost (in fact,  for our previous house, the contractor also installed the fittings FOC, so no surprise there).  However, when the bill came, we were charged a total of $120 for 2 bathroom installations.  When we counted the number of screws they had to drill, each screw came up to cost $8 !!! Had to argue with them to waive this off, since they said no hidden cost.

9. We bought a tap to replace the existing tap since it could not fit our washing machine.  Told the contractor where it was so that they can install.  When we went for inspection, realized that they changed the tap to a different one, and told us that this one was better, since it was like a universal adapter for all connections.  We were fine with that, until the bill came, and that tap cost us $40 !! We were shocked and told them we did not ask for that tap, and told them to reinstall the original one. In the end, they agreed to remove the charge (when they heard that they had to find the original tap for us).  We suspected that they lost the tap we bought.

10. And the schedule that we agreed upon could not be met. The vanity mirror were not installed the day before the handover.  Reason being, they needed time to make the mirror, and could only be ready 1 week after handover.  However, we were puzzled, because the original vanity mirrors were removed long ago, and they could have taken the dimensions and start fabricating the new mirrors.  So we told them it was not acceptable, and they made some calls, and said the mirrors could be ready 2 days later. 

In short, the experience with Weiken was a total disaster.  Would have expected much better workmanship, and more professionalism given that it was a big corporation. 

Weiken ??? A Really BIG Disappointment !!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Met Up with 宋老师

When 宋老师 came back from Shanghai, she gave Mummy a call to find out how I was doing.  So on Saturday after my CMA lesson (did not have my ballet lesson since it was term break), we went to meet up with 宋老师 at JP for lunch.

And it was great meeting up with 宋老师 again, as I told her about my Kidzania trip and showed her the videos that Daddy had taken on his iPhone.  Explained to her what each video was about.  And after lunch, 宋老师 wanted to go and get a present for her nephew. Since Daddy and Mummy wanted to do some grocery shopping, I decided to follow 宋老师 instead.  After 30 mins, Daddy and Mummy were done with their groceries and went to pick me up.  And 宋老师 told them that I make a really good sales person. Haha.  Reason was, when 宋老师 was shopping for the present, I kept asking her for more information about her nephew (eg. how old he was, does he like Ben Ten etc), so that I can give her my opinion about what present to buy (just wanted to make sure she bought the right present) .... haha.

This time 宋老师 would be staying in Singapore for quite a while, so would have opportunities to meet up again.  Maybe, next time, will get Joel and Breanna along as well. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Will I Overcome My Fear ?

Will I overcome my fear ???

On Thurs evening, as usual, before bedtime, I went to brush my teeth.  After I brushed my teeth, I went into the study and then hugged Daddy and cried !!! Daddy was shocked and asked me what happened.  He was afraid that I have accidentally injured myself.

Then I told Daddy that I thought of something very scary and therefore cried.  Daddy tried to calm me down and find out from me what the scary thought was, and I told him that it was during my FastTrack lesson in school, and the lesson was scary .... and I told Daddy that I cannot tell him anymore, otherwise I would cry again.

So Daddy told Mummy to give a call to Ms Kristy to find out a little more over the phone.  And this was what happened.  The theme for this week was around emotions, and how different movies would evoke different emotions.  So during FastTrack lessons, Ms Kristy showed snapshots of various types of movies (comedy, thrillers, horror movies etc) to show us the different feelings. And when it was the horror movie part, it was showing a haunted house (cartoon type, not those adult horror movies).  Immediately I kept really quiet (feedback from Ms Kristy), which is very unusual for me since I would always be raising my hands to participate and talk quite a bit.  But I kept quiet .... and I told Daddy that I even told my classmates nearby that the movie was scary and I was about to cry soon .... but in the end, I fought back my tears.  In fact, according to Ms Kristy, my other classmates were quite active, and some even requested to playback the movie, since they did not catch certain parts !!!

So somehow, while I was brushing my teeth that night, I thought of the haunted house and was scared .... and started crying at home.  After Daddy and Mummy calmed me down, I got better.  But I requested for the table lamp to be switched on for that day while I slept.

No bad guy shows, not even Madagascar type (Daddy and Mummy already knew that) ... and definitely no horror type movies.  Must be Tom and Jerry type whereby no one will get injured at all !!!

Hope as I grow up, I will outgrow my fear soon ....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Concept of Money

This week, we are learning the concept of money in school.  Everyday, each of us is supposed to bring the required amount of money in the specified denomination to school.  And the reason is we need to pay for our lunch.  And for the excess money, we would need to bring back home and save it in my piggy bank.  One normal serving of lunch cost 50 cents.  Each extra serving will cost additional 10 cent.  Each serving of fruits will also cost 10 cents.

And Ms Kristy told Daddy that because I need to pay for lunch, I have been eating quite a lot in school. Kept wanting to pay for extra servings. Haha.  So I spent an average of about 70 cents in school.  1 extra serving of rice and 2 servings of fruits, on top of my normal serving.  Good way to grow sideway a little ...

But I am most excited about my excursion to the supermarket.  Would need to bring my own EZLink card so that we can take public transport.  And we would need to bring our pocket money (each person to bring $5) so that we can pay for the items that we are going to buy.  Daddy and Mummy can also ask me to buy 'grocery' there, if they want.  So does that mean, I get to buy sweets over there ???

Of course not.  We will be using our pocket money to buy food material to prepare for our "Healthy Steamboat Lunch", consistent with the Chinese theme on "Healthy Eating".  That obviously rules out sweets, since they do not belong to the theme.  Sigh ....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swimming with 表妹

Since the weather was pretty good in the morning, swimming time for 表妹 and myself !!! 表妹 had 'not-so-nice' experience last week when she went swimming, so this time, she was pretty cautious ... and had to stick to 舅母 initially, until she got a little comfortable.

Some swimming videos ....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still Not Successful ...

Daddy and Mummy (actually it was Mummy) had durian craving so we decided to go to the nearby market which sells durian and lots of different types of fruits.  And this time, when I passed by the durian stalls, I did not pinch my nose at all !!! Improvement from the last time.

And when Daddy was chossing the durians I told Daddy that I wanted to try a litle bit at home.  Good news for Daddy and Mummy.

So when we reached home, I tried the durian flesh, and .....

Still not successful in eating durians .... sigh

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outing To Botanical Gardens

On Sunday, there was a free SNYO concert at the Botanical Gardens (at Symhony Stage), sponsored by Lanxess.  So we decided to go there for an outing.  Went with 公公, 舅舅, 舅母 and 表妹. 

We reached there at about 445 pm, 15 mins before the concert began.  Along the way, we passed by the National Orchid Garden.  In the month of Jul, all Singaporeans and PR have free admission to the garden.  So all the ladies decided to visit the orchid garden, while the guys stayed to listen to the concert.

表妹 and I decided to pose for the camera ... especially when I just attended the modelling class at Kidzania.  So see all the model poses that I learnt ... and 表妹 followed suit.

And since it was the Orchid Garden, must at least show the orchids .... to do justice to them.

And the guys enjoyed the concert at the park.  Daddy especially loved the Beethoven Sym 6 .... fits the surrounding perfectly