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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

KL Trip - Day 4 (Relax Day)

Day 4 - nothing specific planned for this day, so shall be a relaxing day for all of us, after 3 days of great fun.  Daddy took photos of our hotel room ....

And we had pool view !!! An lap pool and a kiddy pool with slide !!! Daddy promised me that he will bring me to the slide pool in the afternoon.

Breakfast time at a cafe, serving local food.  Daddy and Mummy orderd nasi lemak set again, while I 'killed' my chocolate bear ... haha

And there was a rainforest right in the middle of the shopping complex .... so we went to take a look.

My photography skills are not that bad right ???

And kois in the water .... we wanted to feed the kois, but could not find the dispensing machine for the fish food

And Daddy tried to take a photo of me kissing the duck .... took quite a while before he got this picture .... close enough. Haha

And then we saw this - an indoor playground !!! And that meant FUN TIME again for me !!! Singapore has this same playground, which cost $18 for 2 hours.  And over here, it cost RM20 for whole day for fun !!! So Mummy and I went in at 1030 am while Daddy explored the super duper mega mall. 

Singing my graduation songs while playing ....

After lunch, we went back to the indoor playground again until 3 pm (money well spent).  And then Daddy and I changed into our swimming gear to have fun at the swimming pool while Mummy went to explore the shopping mall.

Made new friends immediately with 4 Indonesian kids, and 2 Middle Eastern kids ... I am super sociable, haha.  And I played for 1.5 hours, while Daddy managed to do 20 laps of the pool.  We both had good exercise. Haha.  We showered in the hotel room, before going out for dinner at the mall.

And we managed to buy my Sebamed Shower Oil.  With 15% discount, each bottle cost only RM24 (equivalent to $10), compared to Singapore price of easily $20+ !!!

I managed to take some photos while window shopping .... watched Spiderman 3 on TV a week ago and I cried (which meant Daddy cannot bring me to watch Amazing Spiderman).... but I still liked the Spiderman poster

Went back hotel at 8 pm, and again fell asleep before 9 pm

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