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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Time Has Come .... Finally

Daddy was watching the National Day Rally speech by PM Lee ..... and when the speech was over, same went for the TV in the living room !!

The TV went bust, and the screen was blank after that !!! Finally, after 8 years or so for the CRT type TV, it decided to give up on us.  And for the past few years, Daddy and Mummy were thinking when the CRT TV will go bust, but eventually it did not ... and when they stopped thinking of that, it indeed went bust .... sigh.

So over dinner, Daddy told me about the fate of the poor TV.  And when Daddy asked me whether I want to contribute to the funds to buy a new TV set, I readily said yes, so that I can watch my favourite TV programs on the new TV set.

When asked how much I will contribute, I told Daddy $2 .... Daddy and Mummy laughed, and said my $2 is super BIG !!! And Daddy said he will also top up $2 to match my contribution ... sounds familiar ??? PAP style lar (Daddy learns fast) !! And the rest will be contributed by Mummy !!! Haha

So weekend shall be TV shopping !!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

叔叔 Convocation

On the day that 叔叔 had his convocation, I ended school earlier then usual .... because 爷爷,奶奶 and 姑姑 came to pick me up from school earlier than usual.  And the intent was to go and take photos with 叔叔 after his ceremony. Hazel 姐姐 also joined us there.

For the special occasion, I wore my favourite colour dress that was a birthday present from my teachers.  See some of the photos that were taken.

Can you guess where I was in the photo ???

Hiding behind 爷爷 and then I sprang up from behind !!! Haha

And you guessed it right !!! She is Hazel 姐姐, 叔叔's girlfriend.

After photo taking, we met up with Daddy and Mummy at Jurong Point Kushinbo for dinner to celebrate the joyous occasion.  Since it was my favourite Japanese buffet, I became a pooh bear after dinner (round round tummy) Haha.

Congratulations to 叔叔 !!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marina Barrage Trip

On Saturday afternoon, we went down to the photo studio again to choose the photos for the family potrait that we took some weeks back.  After that, we made a last minute decision to drop by Gardens By The Bay.  Parked at Marina Barrage since it was free parking and the walk to the gardens was not that far.

When we reached Marina Barrage, we saw that there were some kiddy activities, so decided to join in.  The theme was on water conservation, and to educate the young ones that water is precious and we should save water whenever possible

Made a badge for myself.  Went back to make a second badge later.

The next one was to use a small dropper, suck water at one end, and transfer the water to Daddy. Have to balance the sandbag on my head as well, but the organizer gor-gor was kind enough to allow me to hold on to my sandbag.  The idea was to let me know that water is precious and that I should not waste any drop of water as I transfer from one end to the other.

And after 2 minutes, I managed to accumulate 39g of water !!!

The organizer will select the highest amount of water collected every hour and give some present to the winner. Based on past hours, the average amount of water collected was usually 40+ g, so we knew we stood no chance. Haha.

The last activity was Tic-Tac-Toe.  Since there were no kids around, 叔叔 became my opponent.  I chose the cross while 叔叔 chose the circle symbol.  We were supposed to take turns to answer questions related to water conservation, before we were allowed to put our symbols on the boxes.

叔叔 decided to give the wrong answer to the first question so that I have a head start.  He under-estimated me and thought that I would not be able to answer most of the questions.  Mummy thought the same as well, but surprisingly for the first few, I managed to give the right anwers even before Mummy tried to help me.  And the reason was simple.  I watched the previous game, and some of the questions were repetitive, and I memorized the answers !!! Even the adults were tricked by me, and thought that I learnt those in school. Haha

In the end, I won the game and Mummy registered me for the hourly lucky draw.  Daddy thought we would not be so lucky and wanted to start our walk to Gardens By The Bay.  But Mummy received a call from the organizer that we won the lucky hour !!! Luckily we were still around the area, so we went back to claim our prize.

I had to sign my name and acknowledge that I had collected my prize. Saw the entry above and penned down my signature as "Taken". haha

Took a family photo. 

The prize is a limited edition stamps then the Marine Reservoir was officially opened.

When we were about to leave Marine Barrage, there was a slight drizzle, so we abandoned our plans and went to Suntec City for dinner instead. So coincidental, because the other time when Daddy and Mummy wanted to go to Gardens By The Bay, it drizzled as well. Haha.  Luckily 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and 叔叔 have gone there before.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Simply Love School

Everyday when Daddy comes to fetch me home from school, I would bargain with him for time to stay back for a while ... and the reason is obvious ....

It is the time for me and my friends to play "catching" !!! And see how wild we can get, ust by simply running around the school compound.  Reminds Daddy that it was the same scenario during his primary school days theat he had fun with his friends after school, while waiting for the school bus to drive off.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Gift

Hazel 姐姐 gave me this wonderful gift .... and I told Mummy to put it on the bedroom door so that everyone will know where my own bedroom is ....

And in case you do not know who Hazel 姐姐 is .... she is 叔叔 girlfriend !!!

Thank you, Hazel 姐姐

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gathering Time

Since Monday was a public holiday, Daddy and Mummy invited their friends over to our place for the adults to catch up and the kids to have some fun together. 

Uncle Shucheng / Auntie Peilin and famly and Uncle Telang / Auntie Winnie and family were to come between 2 pm and 3 pm.  So when it was 2 pm, I kept asking Daddy and Mummy how come they were not here yet .... and I kept going to the window and looked at the carpark to see if they arrived .... drove Daddy and Mummy up the wall, that Mummy had to call Auntie Winnie when they would arrive.

And finally they came. And we went to change into our swimming attire to go down for a swim (more like pool fun, than serious swimming).

After some pool fun, we showered and settled down for some fun at home.  I brought out various toys to play with Joel, Camille, Zhiyun.  Zhiwen is still too young (about 1 year old) to play with us ... she is more of a destroyer ... haha. 
We had fun with PlayDoh .... and see how serious Zhiyun was.

And I made this corn all by myself !!! Looks like the real thing right ?

Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peilin bought cheesecake (for dessert) and a big chicken pie.  They are vegetarian so it was very kind of them to buy the pie for the rest of us. Mummy cooked dinner and the kids ate first at the small kiddy table, before the adults enjoyed their dinner at the regular dining table.

And after dinner, it was fun for the kids again, and more chit chat for the adults.

I brought out this $5 train set that Daddy and Mummy bought from the Takashimaya toy fair years back.  We started to improvise the train track ... and we really laughed out loud when the train crossed the obstacles that we set up.

And in the end, the train cover came out .... haha

And after more rounds of obstacle course, the train decided to give up on us .... the train 'committed suicide' !!! It came down from my little armchair and broke into parts !!! Haha ....

And Mummy concluded that a major surgery is required to get the train back to its working state .... sigh.

That day, we had so much fun that everyone was reluctant to part with one another.  Would have to wait for another public holiday before we have such gatherings again ... and next time, it shall be bigger !!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kiddy Fun Indoor Playground

Few months back, Daddy saw there was this Deals coupon to have 4 hours fun at the newly opened Kiddy Fun indoor playground at Turf City.  So he bought 2 vouchers for me and 表妹 so that we can enjoy ourselves. 

We decided to go on Sunday, before the vouchers expire in early Sep.  We did a little bit of research on the place, and kind of concluded that 4 hours of playtime was going to be too long ... reason being the place is not that big, and more suitable for 3-4 yrs old. We reached Turf City at about 11 am. 

The indoor playground was similar to the one that I went to in KL, just that it was smaller in size.  The rides and play stations were similar.  Since it was fun time, no matter how small or how simple the play stations were, I enjoyed myself with 表妹

And Daddy joined in the fun at times .... making us laugh and shout in excitement ... haha

I still prefer Fidgets since it is much bigger and the play stations are more challenging.  Just that it is still not that suitable for 表妹.  Will see if we have a chance to make a trip down to Fidgets ...

Friday, August 17, 2012


The hottest topic for discussion in school during free time ... a few of us gathered together and discussed the episodes of 西游记 !!! Initially I just listened to the stories told by my friends (since Daddy and Mummy do not allow me to watch TV programs during weekday), but after a while, I requested to watch the show so that I can participate, and Daddy and Mummy agreed !!!

So now, I try to finish my dinner and do my homework (eg. revise for my 听写) quickly to catch the 7 pm show !!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peranakan Museum

On Sunday, we decided to drop by Peranakan Museum since there were some activities taking place there.

Dressing up in peranakan costumes so as to experience what it is like to be a little nonya

Mummy tried as well

So while waiting for Mummy to dress up, Daddy took some photos for me, with some props

See the big flower on my hair ...

Daddy joined in the fun as well and took a family photo

Then 爷爷, 奶奶 and  姑姑 came along and joined in the fun as well

Next I did the jigsaw puzzle

Touring of the different galleries followed.  It was pretty interesting to look at some of the peranakan culture and the furnitures that they use.  In fact, there was a guide explaining some of the exhibits and Daddy and Mummy joined in to listen.  As for me, I was busy going to various stamping stations to get all my stamps on a piece of paper, so that I can exchange for gifts later

Peranakan wedding procession

Made my own post card ....

And Daddy's version. haha

Posing for Daddy ....

Pose taken from this picture (by Ivan Heng)

And a final photo shoot with the cat ....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Bedsheet

Daddy and Mummy bought a new bedsheet for me some time back ... and I finally get to see how it looks like on my bed !!!

Love the moo moo cow on skates

If only my bolster also has a moo moo cow on it !!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mould Painting

Finally waited for the mould (got them from the Singapore Art Museum) to be dried and hardened before I put some colours on them.  I painted both of them while Mummy did the 3rd one .... should be easy to guess which were the ones that I painted right ??? I really need art and craft lessons .... haha