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Sunday, August 5, 2012

SAM Trip - Art Garden 2012

After Sat ballet class, we made a last minute decision to go down to Singapore Art Museum (SAM) since in the month of Aug, Singaporeans and PRs enter the museum free, and there was the Art Garden which featured contemporary art fun for children.

Unfortunately, the carpark at SAM was full, so Daddy had to park at NTUC House next door. 

Taking a photo outside SAM with Walter the rabbit

The first gallery that we went inside was the Echoes-Infinity-The Forest.  The artist used colour pigments to create the pattern on the pillars and on the floor.  The patterns on the floor were initially very clear, but as visitors walked over them, The Forest 'fades' with time.

We then went to Level 2 to do some stoneware clay craft.  Was given 3 clay flowers, and we needed to use everyday objects to create some patterns on the clay flowers.

And some of the very beautiful craftwork by the artists.

We did colouring art and craft .... Mummy did the first orange rabbit while Daddy did the second colourful flower.

And this is my interpretation of the rabbit and flower

The next gallery was the Let's Dance gallery.  Time to get our bodies moving and then watch the moves projected on the big screen alongside videos of other participants !!! Daddy went into the recording studio with me and we had great fun

Reactive Wall was the next gallery.  By shouting into the microphone, images of popular characters and icons pop up on the screen.  And the louder I shouted, the more the images came out

Unleash our creativity by drawing on recyclable cardboard boxes .... Daddy made a donation of $2 and got me one box for me to draw on

There was the giant colourful squid on level 4. As visitors approach it, it will get colourful.  And the more friends it makes, the more colourful it will get

Our last gallery was the enchanting garden in the dark.  With the help of the person-in-charge, I followed instructions to make an origami butterfly

And I went into the glowing garden with my glowing butterfly

I was almost inviscible except for my butterfly and skirt

And with the help of Daddy's flashlight .... I 'appeared' again !!!

The last time that I went to SAM was in 2011. The activities then were much better than this year's activities.  In the end, we incurred a parking fee of $7+ !!!!

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