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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Time Has Come .... Finally

Daddy was watching the National Day Rally speech by PM Lee ..... and when the speech was over, same went for the TV in the living room !!

The TV went bust, and the screen was blank after that !!! Finally, after 8 years or so for the CRT type TV, it decided to give up on us.  And for the past few years, Daddy and Mummy were thinking when the CRT TV will go bust, but eventually it did not ... and when they stopped thinking of that, it indeed went bust .... sigh.

So over dinner, Daddy told me about the fate of the poor TV.  And when Daddy asked me whether I want to contribute to the funds to buy a new TV set, I readily said yes, so that I can watch my favourite TV programs on the new TV set.

When asked how much I will contribute, I told Daddy $2 .... Daddy and Mummy laughed, and said my $2 is super BIG !!! And Daddy said he will also top up $2 to match my contribution ... sounds familiar ??? PAP style lar (Daddy learns fast) !! And the rest will be contributed by Mummy !!! Haha

So weekend shall be TV shopping !!!

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