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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gathering Time

Since Monday was a public holiday, Daddy and Mummy invited their friends over to our place for the adults to catch up and the kids to have some fun together. 

Uncle Shucheng / Auntie Peilin and famly and Uncle Telang / Auntie Winnie and family were to come between 2 pm and 3 pm.  So when it was 2 pm, I kept asking Daddy and Mummy how come they were not here yet .... and I kept going to the window and looked at the carpark to see if they arrived .... drove Daddy and Mummy up the wall, that Mummy had to call Auntie Winnie when they would arrive.

And finally they came. And we went to change into our swimming attire to go down for a swim (more like pool fun, than serious swimming).

After some pool fun, we showered and settled down for some fun at home.  I brought out various toys to play with Joel, Camille, Zhiyun.  Zhiwen is still too young (about 1 year old) to play with us ... she is more of a destroyer ... haha. 
We had fun with PlayDoh .... and see how serious Zhiyun was.

And I made this corn all by myself !!! Looks like the real thing right ?

Uncle Shucheng and Auntie Peilin bought cheesecake (for dessert) and a big chicken pie.  They are vegetarian so it was very kind of them to buy the pie for the rest of us. Mummy cooked dinner and the kids ate first at the small kiddy table, before the adults enjoyed their dinner at the regular dining table.

And after dinner, it was fun for the kids again, and more chit chat for the adults.

I brought out this $5 train set that Daddy and Mummy bought from the Takashimaya toy fair years back.  We started to improvise the train track ... and we really laughed out loud when the train crossed the obstacles that we set up.

And in the end, the train cover came out .... haha

And after more rounds of obstacle course, the train decided to give up on us .... the train 'committed suicide' !!! It came down from my little armchair and broke into parts !!! Haha ....

And Mummy concluded that a major surgery is required to get the train back to its working state .... sigh.

That day, we had so much fun that everyone was reluctant to part with one another.  Would have to wait for another public holiday before we have such gatherings again ... and next time, it shall be bigger !!!

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