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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marina Barrage Trip

On Saturday afternoon, we went down to the photo studio again to choose the photos for the family potrait that we took some weeks back.  After that, we made a last minute decision to drop by Gardens By The Bay.  Parked at Marina Barrage since it was free parking and the walk to the gardens was not that far.

When we reached Marina Barrage, we saw that there were some kiddy activities, so decided to join in.  The theme was on water conservation, and to educate the young ones that water is precious and we should save water whenever possible

Made a badge for myself.  Went back to make a second badge later.

The next one was to use a small dropper, suck water at one end, and transfer the water to Daddy. Have to balance the sandbag on my head as well, but the organizer gor-gor was kind enough to allow me to hold on to my sandbag.  The idea was to let me know that water is precious and that I should not waste any drop of water as I transfer from one end to the other.

And after 2 minutes, I managed to accumulate 39g of water !!!

The organizer will select the highest amount of water collected every hour and give some present to the winner. Based on past hours, the average amount of water collected was usually 40+ g, so we knew we stood no chance. Haha.

The last activity was Tic-Tac-Toe.  Since there were no kids around, 叔叔 became my opponent.  I chose the cross while 叔叔 chose the circle symbol.  We were supposed to take turns to answer questions related to water conservation, before we were allowed to put our symbols on the boxes.

叔叔 decided to give the wrong answer to the first question so that I have a head start.  He under-estimated me and thought that I would not be able to answer most of the questions.  Mummy thought the same as well, but surprisingly for the first few, I managed to give the right anwers even before Mummy tried to help me.  And the reason was simple.  I watched the previous game, and some of the questions were repetitive, and I memorized the answers !!! Even the adults were tricked by me, and thought that I learnt those in school. Haha

In the end, I won the game and Mummy registered me for the hourly lucky draw.  Daddy thought we would not be so lucky and wanted to start our walk to Gardens By The Bay.  But Mummy received a call from the organizer that we won the lucky hour !!! Luckily we were still around the area, so we went back to claim our prize.

I had to sign my name and acknowledge that I had collected my prize. Saw the entry above and penned down my signature as "Taken". haha

Took a family photo. 

The prize is a limited edition stamps then the Marine Reservoir was officially opened.

When we were about to leave Marine Barrage, there was a slight drizzle, so we abandoned our plans and went to Suntec City for dinner instead. So coincidental, because the other time when Daddy and Mummy wanted to go to Gardens By The Bay, it drizzled as well. Haha.  Luckily 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and 叔叔 have gone there before.

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