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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tea Curriculum

On Friday afternoon, the parents of K2 students were invited to the school for a tea curriculum session, so that our parents would know what the school will be teaching us this year, in prepration for P1 next year.

Daddy and Mummy attended similar K1 session last year so they were familiar .... and this year, as part of problem solving, the parents were challenged to this problem : How do we balance 9 nails on a single nail attached to the rectangular block ?

And the parents were broken into 4 groups to solve the problem.  In the end, the parents all gave up, and Ms Nicole showed them the answer ... tada

The parents were shown some of our works ... and one of them was us writing a book.  So Daddy and Mummy managed to locate my book without much effort ... because my book has to be a story about princess (I have been talking about princess countless time)

After the tea curriculum session, we put up a performance for our parents.  As the name suggests (Reader's Theatre), we were supposed to read ....

So there we were, all lined up with a big storybook in our hands, ready to read out loud the story of "Three Little Pigs"

Then we also put on a chinese performance "狐狸会生蛋" .... unfortunately, the video that Daddy recorded was too large to be uploaded onto the blog.  Will try again at a later date.

Daddy and Mummy were so proud of me when they saw my performance ...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peanut Allergy Test - The Ultimate Challenge

Yes .... I went for my peanut allergy test - the ultimate challenge.  This time, I really had to eat peanut and then see if I have allergy reaction (instead of just blood test 3 weeks back).

So on the actual day, Daddy brought along wholemeal bread and a bottle of Planters peanut butter as specified by the doctor.  When we reached KK Hospital at 930 am, Dr Chiang reviewed me before we started the actual allergy test.  There were Dr Chiang, one dietician and many nurses on-site.  Apparently, the dietician has specified Planters brand and no other brand of peanut butter, because she said she has done the calculations of the peanut content before hand (otherwise, she will have to re-calculate ... gosh ... so much for the work of a dietician). 

There were 2 other boys with me, who were testing for their milk allergies.  And the nurse commented that this time, all the Daddies brought their allergy kids, instead of Mummies ... haha.  I was given portions of peanut butter on the bread at 15 minutes interval, each time, the peanut butter dosage increased.  And at the end, Daddy calculated I must have eaten 7 or 8 servings of peanut butter.  All throughout, I was really enjoying the peanut butter, and no allergy reaction seen (was actually watching Cartoon Network while I was eating).

So by 12 pm, I was done with all the eating.  Then I needed to be monitored for another 1 hour in case there were delayed effect.  Was rather full from eating all the bread, so Daddy bought me some chicken nuggets and a corn cup from Mac.  And at 1 pm, Dr Chiang reviewed me again, and I was officially declared FREE OF FOOD ALLERGIES !!! I was so happy that I wanted to go back to school immediately to announce the good news to my friends and teachers. 

The dietician just needed to measure the right amount of peanut butter for me at different intervals (using measuring spoons for baking, which Daddy can also do that easily), the nurses just needed to serve me the peanut butter bread and water (which Daddy would be most willing to do), and Dr Chiang to look at my skin regularly (which Daddy is now an expert to identify allergy hives and rashes), the cost of the test was really considered expensive .... haha.  But then, paying this money to certify me free of food allergy is worth it.

However, I still have suspected drug allergy (to antibiotic Augmentin).  The previous time when I had fever, I was prescribed Augmentin by the doctor and after one dose, I had some rashes so Daddy and Mummy had the doctor changed the antibiotic.  Dr Chiang heard that and thought it would be hard to make any conclusion, since the rashes were mild and I only had one dose and sometime rashes do break out with virial fever.  So Daddy helped me make an appointment next year (YES, the queue was really that LONG !!! Did not know Singapore has so many kids with drug allergies) to do my drug allergy test.  Hopefully, I would be declared clear, and I will be an allergy free kid !!!

Looking forward to eating peanut for the next few weeks to condition my body to accepting peanuts

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Talk - All About School

On the way home, we drove past River Valley High School, and Mummy commented that 公公 graduated from that school.  So I asked Daddy and Mummy if I need to do 'lucky draw' to get into that school (what I really meant was if I need to do balloting to get into the school) .....

Daddy and Mummy laughed when they heard 'lucky draw' ... indeed getting into a good primary school nowadays needs even more luck than a typical lucky draw.

Anyway, Mummy told me that it was for older boys and gals, and to get into that school in future would not need 'lucky draw' but good results.  So I asked Mummy if I can go to Mummy's 'older' (meaning secondary) school instead ... and Mummy said if my results are good, why not.  When I asked Daddy if I can go to his 'older' school, Mummy immediately said cannot ....

When I asked why, Mummy said Daddy's 'older' school has dropped in standard since then .... naively, I asked Daddy for the reason ... and Daddy came up with the perfect answer

Because Daddy is no longer there in the school, and standard has dropped !!! COOL !!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrate 爷爷 and 奶奶 Birthday

We went to celebrate 爷爷 and 奶奶 Birthday on Saturday evening, since their birthdays were just one week apart.  Went to the newly opened Japanese buffet restaurant at Central (near Clarke Quay).  Before that, I drew 2 birthday cards ... one for 爷爷 and  one for 奶奶

And that day, 叔叔 girlfriend came along.  Her name is Hazel 姐姐 .... and she is really friendly !!! And by the way, she is also a fellow Cantonese ...

姑姑 bought a bunch of flowers (3 big sunflowers) for 奶奶 .... In fact, I was just telling Mummy a week ago that I have not seen real sunflowers before ....

Everyone enjoyed the Japanese buffet.  Quite many different varieties of food ... but the highlight has to be the durian cake from Goodwood Park Hotel (compliments from Hazel 姐姐).  In order not to expose 爷爷 and 奶奶 age, only one candle was used ... haha

By the time we finished our dinner, it was close to 9 pm.  So we headed home, while 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 went to walk around the riverside.  叔叔 and Hazel 姐姐 went to catch a late night movie with their friends

Happy Birthday 爷爷 and 奶奶 !!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


I just had my first 听写 on Friday.  The words that I need to spell are

你,  我,  是,  上课 and 学校

So after school, when Daddy and Mummy fetched my home, they asked about my 听写成绩.  And I proudly told them that I have 5/5 .... all correct.  However, I only had 4 stars (instead of 5) beside the grade.  Daddy and Mummy asked me for the reason ... and I sheepishly told them it was because I talked too much during 听写

Speechless ....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yes, starting from next week onwards, I will have 听写 in K2 !! Imagine that !!!

Daddy and Mummy have not even heard of 听写 when they were in K2 .... and now, to prepare me for primary education, my school is starting us on the concept of 听写 (in fact, heard that 听写 in primary school is not just 2 or 3 chinese characters, but an entire sentence !!!)

So 周老师 gave a sheet of paper with all the words that I need to know every week.  And the intent is for Daddy and Mummy to prepare me at home, before the actual day ... so no need to wait till primary school to stress them out .... haha

Mummy started to prepare me for the first week .... and surprisingly, she realized that I do know how to write the chinese characters, without much difficulties.  Goes to prove that I did pay attention in class ....

Looks like K2 this year is not going to be as easy as last year .... going to start on Hanyu Pinyin in the second half of this year also .... super stressed .... for Daddy and Mummy !!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Ballet Lesson

 I went for my first formal ballet lesson on Sat afternoon after I have tried out the trial session.  Bought the complete set of ballet attire, including shoes and socks.  However, my skirt has not come yet, since they ran out of stock for my size. 

So at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place, I put on my ballet shoes ....

And showed them what I learnt in my first lesson.  Doing some stretching exercises first ....

And feedback from my teacher Ms Lam .... she said I was a very fast learner, able to understand what she has taught and picked up pretty fast considering it was my first lesson.  Hooray !!!!

I look forward to my ballet lessons

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disney On Ice Show

On Saturday evening, I went to watch Disney On Ice performance with 舅舅 and 表妹.  Since the show started at 6 pm, 舅舅, 表妹 and I had early dinner.

Once we were inside the indoor stadium, Daddy, Mummy, 公公 and 舅母 went to Kallang Leisure Park shopping centre to have their Thai food (one of the rare times where they can enjoy spicy food without the kids around).

When the show ended at 8 pm, I was busy telling Daddy and Mummy what went on at the show ... including how Mickey, Minnie and Donald kept falling down, and a ghost that I saw on stage (Daddy and Mummy just could not figure out what was the ghost character in Disney movies .... they asked 舅舅 the next day, and then realized that the ghost was Donal Duck in disguise).

Anyway, I enjoyed myself that night with all my favourite Disney characters on stage

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dragonboat Carnival 2012

Daddy signed up for his company annual dragonboat carnival this year under the persuasion of his colleagues.  So they call themselves the Vikings !!!

In preparation for the carnival, Daddy went for 3 practices at Lower Seletar reservoir on Sunday mornings ... his team was really super on.  Daddy tried dragonboat about 5 to 6 years ago, before I was born, but because Mummy was pregnant, he gave that up.  After his first training, Daddy was aching so badly at his shoulder and hips (not the arms at all !!!).  But he got better at the 2nd and 3rd training sessions.

On the actual day of carnival, I had lessons, so could not go and support Daddy.  But I told Daddy to do his best and win a medal back ....

After my lessons, we arrange to meet at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place ... and I knew the result immediately !!!!

Because his team was called the Vikings, the team captain bought Vikinh helmets for everyone so that they can row to the theme !!! The Vikings managed to get to the semi-finals smoothly.  However, at the semi-finals, they reached the finish point in 1:27.94 mins, just less than 1 sec below another team ... so in the end, they could not qualify for the Grand Finals, but qualify for the Plate Finals.

They came first in the Plate Finals, with 1:24.26 mins !!!

So I put on the helmet and the medal !!! Do I look like a Viking ???

Some photos from the carnival ... carnival officially started with the management on stage

The Vikings, ready to fight their battle (attire fully sponsored by Daddy's company) !!!!

Daddy and his colleague

Rowing in action ....

Super Emo ...

Mummy was reading National Geographics(Kid's version) to me and she was talking about polar bears and their natural habitat.  And how global warming is slowly melting the ice and how urbanisation is destroying the homes of some of our wildlife animals.

After listening for a while, I told Mummy that I don't want her to read on anymore.  Since it was almost time to bed, Mummy thought that I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed (I had done it before ... was to tired, told Daddy / Mummy that I don't want story telling and immediately went to bed).  So when Mummy was going to prepare me for bedtime, I told her that I do not want to sleept first.

"Mummy, you read on, then I want to cry already".  Reason being I was so sad that the animals have no home to stay

Mummy has always thought I am emo (like crying during movies) .... but never realized that I am that super emo (can cry even when reading stories) ..... genes are really powerful .... gotten from Daddy (he can also cry when watching movies or TV shows) !!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cooking Dinner

This time, I cooked for real ... not for fun !!! Since I was bored on Tues, decided to help Mummy to cook dinner.  Mummy cut the chicken into small cubes.  While I helped to cut the carrot and mushroom. Then wash the rice.  And then listening to Mummy's instruction, I filled the bowl with water, dumped all the ingredients inside and put the bowl in the rice cooker.  Then press the right buttons to cook the rice.

And tada .... the delicious bowl of rice with all the right nutrients inside.  A little too much water, but not bad for my first attempt

So the only thing left to do was to wait for Daddy to come back from work and start dinner together.  Unfortunately, Daddy left office a little late and was caught in the jam.  So I started eating dinner with Mummy. 

But when Daddy was back, I proudly told him I helped to prepare dinner, and he was so proud of me.  So with soup and vegetables to go with the rice, it was a perfect meal for the family.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Clear

Today, Mummy brought me to see the GP in the morning ... and the verdict ???

All clear on my chickenpox ... meaning I can go back to school on Wed !!! Looking forward to that, especially when I have been away for a while ... miss my classmates and my teachers !!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Karaoke Princess

Yes, looking at the photo, anyone can easily guess what I was doing at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place when I was down with chickenpox.  Best way to relieve boredom (since I cannot go out onto the streets) is to sing karaoke

Have a collection of kiddy songs to sing from ....

I also sang the theme song (chorus portion) of the afternoon taiwanese soap opera with 爷爷 and 奶奶 !!! Haha ... heard that song too many times not to remember.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chickenpox Progress -2

My spots started to dry up on Day 6, and there was one spot which dropped off early in the morning when I washed up.  I got so scared that I immediately screamed for Mummy for help !!! Haha.  Mummy rushed in the toilet, and thought what happened.  Once she told me that the spots were supposed to drop off slowly, I was more assured ....

Then I blurted out that it was not my fault that I have chickenpox (meaning that if someone spread to me, I have no choice) but if I were to be sick, it would be my fault (meaning that if I keep sucking my thumb and biting my nails, then I deserve it). Mummy heard that and laughed !!!

Anyway, looks like I am slowly recovering and the number of spots on my body is not a lot (the anti-viral medication taken early does help).  So hopefully, by mid next week, the doctor can certify that I am clear of the virus and go back to school.  I really miss school (all the fun activities) and my classmates !!!

A big thank you to 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 for taking care of me in the last week.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chickenpox Progress

Status of me over the next 3 days ...

Day 2 : Spots appearing, concentrating on my body, with 3 on my face (one on my forehead, and 2 near my mouth).  A few on my hands and legs ... so I wore gloves to avoid scratching the spots (had broken 2 of the spots unknowingly).  Still having fever though.  In order to relieve my itch, Daddy and Mummy gave me the drowsy anti-histamine (Chloramine) at night but somewhat, after taking that, instead of feeling drowsy, I was wide awake, and could not sleep at night (Mummy had the same experience when she took that equivalent anti-histamine previously) !!! Kept tossing and turning in bed, so Daddy had to keep me company, until I fell asleep

Day 3 : More new spots on my body.  Had applied calamile lotion on my body, although I hated that. Fever started to sudside by end of Day 3, so hopefully no more new spots coming out.  Spots were not as much as those which came out on Jun Rui, perhaps because I took the anti-viral medicine within 24 hrs of detecting chickpox. 

But I still enjoyed myself

While at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place, I did my Korean dance !!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Varicella Virus aka Chickenpox Virus

Yes ... I am down with chickenpox.  Two weeks ago, my classmate (Jun Rui) had chickenpox (and he has taken the chickenpox prevention jab previously!!!), and for the next 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy have been monitoring me for spots .... and phew, nothing so far.  So on Sunday, when they thought I was safe from infection, a few red spots started to appear on my body (exactly 2 weeks incubation period !!!!) and I had fever of 38 degC.

So that confirmed their suspicions ... 'double confirmed' by the doctor at night.  So for the next 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy will take turns to take care of me, and for those days they could not take leave, I will go down to 爷爷 and  奶奶 place. Hope they do not catch the virus from me.

Hope I have not spread the virus to the rest of my classmates .... and especially 佳莹表妹 since I was happily playing with her the whole of Sunday !!! And I better recover soon, since I will be catching the Disney On Ice performance ....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ballet Dance Trial Lesson

After my attempt to teach my friends ballet, Ms Kristy asked Daddy if I am taking ballet classes.  She thought I have started on some simple classes.  So when Daddy said no, Ms Kristy recommended Dance Point since Chelsea is taking classes from there, and they have trial lessons for kids to try out.

Daddy and Mummy asked me if I were interested in going to the trial lesson since Dance Point is nearby at Taman Jurong.  Of course, I said yes.  So on Sat afternoon, we went down for the trial lesson

See how we warm up under the guidance by Miss Lam

Then a little bit of stretching ....

Jumping ....

And spinning around ....

 And after the trial lesson, I was ready to tell Daddy that I want to take the ballet class !!! So that would mean Sat morning and afternoon would be lesson day for me !!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Three Little Pigs

On Friday, my school brought the K2 children to the Three Little Pigs play at the Singapore Repertory Theatre !!! This play is recommended for 3 years old an above, and we learnt about the story of 3 Little Pigs before.

When I reached home, I was happily telling Daddy and Mummy what the play was all about.  And I told them I was a little afraid of the big bad wolf (Daddy and Mummy gave up on me ... haha).  Did not cry but just covered my ears with my hands so that I do not hear the voice of the big bad wolf .... sigh (I was not alone, because Xander did the same thing !!!)

When Mummy asked me how was the play, I managed to describe to her, telling her that the characters put on costumes somewhat like "barney" shows except that their faces were not covered .... could relate some of the script (and lines) that the big bad wolf said (similar to those lines in the storybook).  And also told Daddy and Mummy some of the props used ... although I took a bit of time before Daddy and Mummy could understand what I was talking about. Haha

More interesting excursions to come in K2 ....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peanut Allergy Test - Part 1

On Thurs, Daddy brought me to KK Hospital in the afternoon to do a blood test and a skin prick test for my peanut allergy. This is in preparation of the peanut challenge test at the end of Mar (to see if I am ready to actually eat peanuts and see for any allergy reaction).

Upon reaching the clinic, I told Daddy that I have been there before, for egg and milk allergy tests.  Super good memory, can even tell Daddy which room the doctor was.  When I waited outside the blood test room, Daddy can see I was a little uneasy because I was restless and kept fidgeting.  So Daddy let me play with his iPhone, trying to distract me.  I knew I had my blood test done there previously

When it was my turn, the person who helped to draw my blood was a very nice uncle.  Tried to distract me by asking my questions.  Initially I did not want to give him my arm, but a little while later (with Daddy and uncle pyschoing me), I held out my arm to the uncle.  And when the small needle went in, I DID NOT CRY AT ALL !!! The uncle even told me to look at the how the blood flowed from my arm to the syringe ..... and Daddy was so proud of me.  He thought I would have cried a while !!! Have to say, the uncle was very experienced and I have grown up.

Next was the skin prick test on my bad.  I knew I had that before, and told Daddy it will be painful and itchy.  But Daddy told me I did not cry during the blood test so the skin prick test pales in comparison .... and the kind jie-jie who did the test for me helped a lot.  She was very good with kids, and in no time, I was done with the prick test. 

While waiting for the reaction (15 minutes wait before jie-jie can take measurements), Daddy brought me for a walk around the hospital and told me that he will buy an ice-cream from MacDonald's after all the tests, for being a real brave gal (Daddy and Mummy promised me the night before).  So after 15 minutes, the results are out

I am not allergic to shellfish (did the shellfish test as well, since I had a little reaction months ago when I took some clam chowder soup).  As for peanut, there was still some allergy reaction, so have to wait for the blood test to be more confirmative (before the doctor decide whether I am ready to take the peanut challenge test).

Hope I can grow out of peanut allergy soon .... and start eating peanut butter.  Otherwise, the chances of outgrowing the allergy really reduce over time

Playing the 'Flute'

I kind of got interested in musical instruments (after much influence from Daddy and Mummy who like classical music) ... so I showed Daddy in the car, how I played the imaginary flute ....

In fact, I can now hum the classical tune of Swan Lake Suite ... ever since I insisted on Daddy playing that CD repeatedly in the car