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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tea Curriculum

On Friday afternoon, the parents of K2 students were invited to the school for a tea curriculum session, so that our parents would know what the school will be teaching us this year, in prepration for P1 next year.

Daddy and Mummy attended similar K1 session last year so they were familiar .... and this year, as part of problem solving, the parents were challenged to this problem : How do we balance 9 nails on a single nail attached to the rectangular block ?

And the parents were broken into 4 groups to solve the problem.  In the end, the parents all gave up, and Ms Nicole showed them the answer ... tada

The parents were shown some of our works ... and one of them was us writing a book.  So Daddy and Mummy managed to locate my book without much effort ... because my book has to be a story about princess (I have been talking about princess countless time)

After the tea curriculum session, we put up a performance for our parents.  As the name suggests (Reader's Theatre), we were supposed to read ....

So there we were, all lined up with a big storybook in our hands, ready to read out loud the story of "Three Little Pigs"

Then we also put on a chinese performance "狐狸会生蛋" .... unfortunately, the video that Daddy recorded was too large to be uploaded onto the blog.  Will try again at a later date.

Daddy and Mummy were so proud of me when they saw my performance ...

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