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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Talk - All About School

On the way home, we drove past River Valley High School, and Mummy commented that 公公 graduated from that school.  So I asked Daddy and Mummy if I need to do 'lucky draw' to get into that school (what I really meant was if I need to do balloting to get into the school) .....

Daddy and Mummy laughed when they heard 'lucky draw' ... indeed getting into a good primary school nowadays needs even more luck than a typical lucky draw.

Anyway, Mummy told me that it was for older boys and gals, and to get into that school in future would not need 'lucky draw' but good results.  So I asked Mummy if I can go to Mummy's 'older' (meaning secondary) school instead ... and Mummy said if my results are good, why not.  When I asked Daddy if I can go to his 'older' school, Mummy immediately said cannot ....

When I asked why, Mummy said Daddy's 'older' school has dropped in standard since then .... naively, I asked Daddy for the reason ... and Daddy came up with the perfect answer

Because Daddy is no longer there in the school, and standard has dropped !!! COOL !!

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