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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cooking Dinner

This time, I cooked for real ... not for fun !!! Since I was bored on Tues, decided to help Mummy to cook dinner.  Mummy cut the chicken into small cubes.  While I helped to cut the carrot and mushroom. Then wash the rice.  And then listening to Mummy's instruction, I filled the bowl with water, dumped all the ingredients inside and put the bowl in the rice cooker.  Then press the right buttons to cook the rice.

And tada .... the delicious bowl of rice with all the right nutrients inside.  A little too much water, but not bad for my first attempt

So the only thing left to do was to wait for Daddy to come back from work and start dinner together.  Unfortunately, Daddy left office a little late and was caught in the jam.  So I started eating dinner with Mummy. 

But when Daddy was back, I proudly told him I helped to prepare dinner, and he was so proud of me.  So with soup and vegetables to go with the rice, it was a perfect meal for the family.


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