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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peanut Allergy Test - Part 1

On Thurs, Daddy brought me to KK Hospital in the afternoon to do a blood test and a skin prick test for my peanut allergy. This is in preparation of the peanut challenge test at the end of Mar (to see if I am ready to actually eat peanuts and see for any allergy reaction).

Upon reaching the clinic, I told Daddy that I have been there before, for egg and milk allergy tests.  Super good memory, can even tell Daddy which room the doctor was.  When I waited outside the blood test room, Daddy can see I was a little uneasy because I was restless and kept fidgeting.  So Daddy let me play with his iPhone, trying to distract me.  I knew I had my blood test done there previously

When it was my turn, the person who helped to draw my blood was a very nice uncle.  Tried to distract me by asking my questions.  Initially I did not want to give him my arm, but a little while later (with Daddy and uncle pyschoing me), I held out my arm to the uncle.  And when the small needle went in, I DID NOT CRY AT ALL !!! The uncle even told me to look at the how the blood flowed from my arm to the syringe ..... and Daddy was so proud of me.  He thought I would have cried a while !!! Have to say, the uncle was very experienced and I have grown up.

Next was the skin prick test on my bad.  I knew I had that before, and told Daddy it will be painful and itchy.  But Daddy told me I did not cry during the blood test so the skin prick test pales in comparison .... and the kind jie-jie who did the test for me helped a lot.  She was very good with kids, and in no time, I was done with the prick test. 

While waiting for the reaction (15 minutes wait before jie-jie can take measurements), Daddy brought me for a walk around the hospital and told me that he will buy an ice-cream from MacDonald's after all the tests, for being a real brave gal (Daddy and Mummy promised me the night before).  So after 15 minutes, the results are out

I am not allergic to shellfish (did the shellfish test as well, since I had a little reaction months ago when I took some clam chowder soup).  As for peanut, there was still some allergy reaction, so have to wait for the blood test to be more confirmative (before the doctor decide whether I am ready to take the peanut challenge test).

Hope I can grow out of peanut allergy soon .... and start eating peanut butter.  Otherwise, the chances of outgrowing the allergy really reduce over time

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