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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yes, starting from next week onwards, I will have 听写 in K2 !! Imagine that !!!

Daddy and Mummy have not even heard of 听写 when they were in K2 .... and now, to prepare me for primary education, my school is starting us on the concept of 听写 (in fact, heard that 听写 in primary school is not just 2 or 3 chinese characters, but an entire sentence !!!)

So 周老师 gave a sheet of paper with all the words that I need to know every week.  And the intent is for Daddy and Mummy to prepare me at home, before the actual day ... so no need to wait till primary school to stress them out .... haha

Mummy started to prepare me for the first week .... and surprisingly, she realized that I do know how to write the chinese characters, without much difficulties.  Goes to prove that I did pay attention in class ....

Looks like K2 this year is not going to be as easy as last year .... going to start on Hanyu Pinyin in the second half of this year also .... super stressed .... for Daddy and Mummy !!!

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