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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dragonboat Carnival 2012

Daddy signed up for his company annual dragonboat carnival this year under the persuasion of his colleagues.  So they call themselves the Vikings !!!

In preparation for the carnival, Daddy went for 3 practices at Lower Seletar reservoir on Sunday mornings ... his team was really super on.  Daddy tried dragonboat about 5 to 6 years ago, before I was born, but because Mummy was pregnant, he gave that up.  After his first training, Daddy was aching so badly at his shoulder and hips (not the arms at all !!!).  But he got better at the 2nd and 3rd training sessions.

On the actual day of carnival, I had lessons, so could not go and support Daddy.  But I told Daddy to do his best and win a medal back ....

After my lessons, we arrange to meet at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place ... and I knew the result immediately !!!!

Because his team was called the Vikings, the team captain bought Vikinh helmets for everyone so that they can row to the theme !!! The Vikings managed to get to the semi-finals smoothly.  However, at the semi-finals, they reached the finish point in 1:27.94 mins, just less than 1 sec below another team ... so in the end, they could not qualify for the Grand Finals, but qualify for the Plate Finals.

They came first in the Plate Finals, with 1:24.26 mins !!!

So I put on the helmet and the medal !!! Do I look like a Viking ???

Some photos from the carnival ... carnival officially started with the management on stage

The Vikings, ready to fight their battle (attire fully sponsored by Daddy's company) !!!!

Daddy and his colleague

Rowing in action ....

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