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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Disney On Ice Show

On Saturday evening, I went to watch Disney On Ice performance with 舅舅 and 表妹.  Since the show started at 6 pm, 舅舅, 表妹 and I had early dinner.

Once we were inside the indoor stadium, Daddy, Mummy, 公公 and 舅母 went to Kallang Leisure Park shopping centre to have their Thai food (one of the rare times where they can enjoy spicy food without the kids around).

When the show ended at 8 pm, I was busy telling Daddy and Mummy what went on at the show ... including how Mickey, Minnie and Donald kept falling down, and a ghost that I saw on stage (Daddy and Mummy just could not figure out what was the ghost character in Disney movies .... they asked 舅舅 the next day, and then realized that the ghost was Donal Duck in disguise).

Anyway, I enjoyed myself that night with all my favourite Disney characters on stage

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