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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit to the 'Doctor'

Having fun with 表妹 doing role play .... doctor and patient fun !!!

So I told 表妹 that I will be the patient first.  But 表妹 was too young to be a good doctor .... haha. 

Then it was my turn to be a doctor ... and definitely a more qualified doctor than 表妹. Haha

Juz in case you do not already know ... introducing Dr Jing Ting

And Dr Jia Ying

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little O'Zone Fun

Just realized that I still have some unused vouchers at Little O'zone to redeem.  So on Sunday morning, Daddy and Mummy brought me to have some fun there before the vouchers expire end May.

Ready to go into action and fun !!!

We reached at about 1045 am, and the morning crowd was thin .... only had about 2-3 other kids.  And very quickly, I made friends with them

My favourite .... and I can go up and down several times without getting tired of it

Managed to have 1 hour of fun, before we went down to 公公 place for lunch .... good exercise to whet my appetite

Monday, May 28, 2012

Eye Check In School

HPB has arranged someone to come to our school to do eye checkup for the K1 and K2 students. 

And the results are as follows ...

Advised to cultivate good eye-care habits ... so that means sufficient light when doing my school work, and less iPhone play !!!

By the way,  BMI says I belong to the acceptable weight band .... haha

Saturday, May 26, 2012

K2 Graduation Dress

For our K2 graduation, every girl has to wear a white long dress, while every boy has to wear a white top and white pants .... yes, we are conforming to PAP style (brain-washing kids at such a young age .... Singapore education. Haha) !!! Need to get the attire ready by mid Jun so that we can go for our graduation photo shoot.

So over the weekend, Daddy, Mummy and I went Orchard to shop for my long white dress.  And Ms Kristy has said, it need to be white !!! Not even cream white, or slight beige.  No colourful pattern on the dress, like pink / green flowery design ... and we went from Robinsons to Takashimaya to Isetan and it was really difficult to find a WHITE dress (party type) with no coloured designs !!! So we decided to try OG ....

In the end, we managed to find a white dress (cutting suits my slim body type), with a little silver design on it.  In the end, we bought that, after consulting with Ms Kristy.  And it was just at the time when OG was closing their doors for the day's business !!!

Phew ... Daddy shall upload the picture at a later date

New Ballet Class - Attitude Dance Studio

I went for my first ballet (trial) class at the Attitude Dance Studio at Bukit Timah Plaza.  And I must say, Ms Alicia is definitely much better than Ms Lam at DancePoint. Although class size was not small, but she spent effort to correct our posture, instead of messing around with iPhones or chatting with people.

Basic warm-up and stretching exercises

More stretching exercises ....

This was something new that I have not learnt before ....

Towards the end of the class, we did this .... did something similar when I was at DancePoint, so could follow easily.

Looking forward to my next class after the school term break in Jun !!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun with 表妹

Have been 2 weeks since I saw 表妹 ... and obviously, we had so much fun, even taking a stroll to go for lunch ....

And amazingly, all childcare centres seem to teach the same nursery songs .... haha

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Labour - Washing Car

Today, I finally get to help Daddy to wash his car (he has not cleaned his car for almost 3 months so you can imagine how dirty the car was !!!!) Daddy shampooed the car and rinsed it with water, before he gave me a piece of cloth to help wipe the car clean and dry.  And since I am not tall enough, I covered all the lower section of the car, while Daddy did the top section.

And after the car was dry, I used a piece of wet cloth to clean the car interior .... was so happy doing that and was glad to help Daddy. 

See the clean car behind me ... piece of cake for me to clean the car ... wonder why Daddy sweat like crazy. Haha.  Dun mind providing free labour for Daddy the next time

I can lean on the car without getting dirty. Haha

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wall Stickers

Daddy saw there were some cheap wall stickers in Deals, so he decided to buy some to decorate the house.

This sticker is in Daddy's and Mummy's bedroom ....

And needless to say, this sticker is in my pink room !!! I told Daddy I wanted a princess sticker and I got the Snow White theme.  And in fact, I helped to paste some of the butterflies and dwarves stickers on my wall

And this last one is in the living room, near the door entrance

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

郑和 Cruise

Daddy went for his network meeting this week.  And as usual, they had a social night on Wed evening.  The last time, they went to the Night Safari with dinner served on a tram ... Mummy and I went along because they have not tried that before.  This year, it was dinner onboard of 郑和 Cruise .... Daddy decided not to bring us along, in case I got bored onboard of the cruise but yet cannot go back to mainland .... haha

Dinner onboard was average ... quality similar to those catering type.  But the company was good .... standing on the top deck (they had 3 decks), the breeze was great, and folks can socialize and chat (that was why it was termed 'social nite').

The second deck was specially reserved for us ....

Scenary along marina bay area ....

And the cruise brought us along the coast of Sentosa, where we saw fireworks and laser show at Songs of the Sea.

The cruise ended at about 9 pm .... quite a good experience since this was the first time that Daddy took the 郑和 Cruise

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

For the past few weeks, Daddy and Mummy have been busy ... just so that I can have a surprise when I went to my room ...

Totally revamped !!! Pink walls, with a new study table for me (preparing me for P1 next year) so that I can do my schoolwork there.  And a small dressing table with mirror so that I can dress myself for school.

Really love my room now !!! Haha

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrate Mother's Day

On Sunday, we went to celebrate Mother's Day by having steamboat ... and there was a sandbag just outside the restaurant .... so I was trying all my might to push the sandbag

Then we dropped by Marine Square area to take a stroll and take photos !!!

Obviously, you can see how much fun I had on that day ....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun at Sentosa

Daddy and Mummy were busy over the weekend, so I spent my day with 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑.  They brought me to my Sat classes, and in the evening, we went to Sentosa !!! I took a 2 hr afternoon nap so that gave me all the energy that I needed to start my Sentosa adventure

Photo taking with all the cute creatures ....

And I really stayed out till late that night .... haha

Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Cake for Mummy

After dinner on Sunday, Daddy and I went to the Icing Room to decorate a cake for Mummy.  I looked through all the designs and finally decided on flowers as the cake design.

So Daddy held my hand initially to show me how to decorate the cake, and then I was on my own ....

See how serious I was, making sure all the petals and stalks were filled with different colours

And the final product !!! Daddy helped to write the words along the side of the cake, since that was too difficult for me

And then Mummy came by to see how we were doing .... piece of cake for me ... haha

So when we reached home, we sang the birthday song, and ate the delicious cake !!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celebrate Mummy's Birthday

Mummy's birthday is nearing, and on Sat, we went to celebrate by having buffet at the Grand Park City Hall.  I celebrated my birthday there 2 years back, and the quality of buffet spread was pretty good and value for money.

We reached about 645 pm. There was also a wedding ceremony at the courtyard (outside the cafe), and I was so curious that I kept going to the window and peek at the ceremony.  After eating my main course (staple food), I was ready to do some 'exercise' and start my 'junk' food .... aka dessert and cakes !!!

I was enjoying my dessert, and while I was looking elsewhere, Daddy sabotaged me !!! He put some durian pengkat on my spoon (together with my dessert), and when I ate from the spoon, I thought I tasted something weird (just in case you do not know, I simply hate durians !!! I can just pinch my nose when I go near a durian stall).  Just could not figure out what was wrong.  In fact, I thought I had the same weird taste when I ate my chocolate ice-cream just now (Daddy did the same trick on me), and I told Daddy and Mummy that I did not like vanilla taste.  In fact I told them that the ice-cream scoop was not clean when Mummy used it to get my chocolate ice-cream. Haha.

After a while, I decided not to eat my dessert anymore ... then Daddy revealed his sabotage plan to me ... and I turned to Daddy and gave him the "you have not been a good boy" look ... haha

After all the sweet stuff, you can see how active I became ... sugar rush !!!

Some photos taken during the buffet

We left the buffet place at 845 pm (a good 2 hour of food) !!! This was taken at the hotel lobby !!! See the 3 of us wearing family attire .... the Toy Story in action !!! We bought the attire during my last birthday

Happy Birthday Mummy !!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Folding Boxes

Learnt how to fold a box in school from my friend Xander.  So I decided to show everyone how to do it

And then I helped 爷爷 and 奶奶 to fold the boxes for them so that they can put food waste (bones etc) in them during meal times.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I just enjoy chatting on the phone .... and I can spend easily hours doing that, if Daddy and Mummy do not stop me.

See how I was chatting with 姑姑 in English

After a while, I need to adjust my position to avoid "cramps" ... haha

From the language I used, you can tell I am now chatting with 爷爷 and 奶奶

Unfortunately, 叔叔 was not at home (went pak-tok), so could not chat with him. 

Was on the phone for 35 mins !!! If Daddy had not stopped me so that I could have my shower before bed time, I could easily go on and on ....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrate 公公 Birthday

We celebrated 公公 birthday on Sunday at the Furama Hotel to eat buffet at the Square.  And since it was buffet, it was definitely great for me, since I got to pinch a little of everything on the buffet spread.  However, the food quality has dropped since one year ago, where we celebrated 表妹 birthday there.  The dessert section was still pretty good though.

Everyone (舅舅, 舅母, 姨婆 and 表妹) was super hungry, especially Daddy and Mummy since they did not have much for breakfast. 

See 表妹 putting on her funny look ....

After the buffet, 表妹 and I had fun by running around at the lobby

And we headed down to Orchard to get a present for my friend, Camille, since her birthday is nearing.  And as 表妹 and I walked down the streets, we sang silly songs .... haha

Had a light dinner in Orchard (still full from the buffet) before we headed home.  Thoroughly enjoyed myself on Sunday !!!