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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Labour - Washing Car

Today, I finally get to help Daddy to wash his car (he has not cleaned his car for almost 3 months so you can imagine how dirty the car was !!!!) Daddy shampooed the car and rinsed it with water, before he gave me a piece of cloth to help wipe the car clean and dry.  And since I am not tall enough, I covered all the lower section of the car, while Daddy did the top section.

And after the car was dry, I used a piece of wet cloth to clean the car interior .... was so happy doing that and was glad to help Daddy. 

See the clean car behind me ... piece of cake for me to clean the car ... wonder why Daddy sweat like crazy. Haha.  Dun mind providing free labour for Daddy the next time

I can lean on the car without getting dirty. Haha

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