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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

郑和 Cruise

Daddy went for his network meeting this week.  And as usual, they had a social night on Wed evening.  The last time, they went to the Night Safari with dinner served on a tram ... Mummy and I went along because they have not tried that before.  This year, it was dinner onboard of 郑和 Cruise .... Daddy decided not to bring us along, in case I got bored onboard of the cruise but yet cannot go back to mainland .... haha

Dinner onboard was average ... quality similar to those catering type.  But the company was good .... standing on the top deck (they had 3 decks), the breeze was great, and folks can socialize and chat (that was why it was termed 'social nite').

The second deck was specially reserved for us ....

Scenary along marina bay area ....

And the cruise brought us along the coast of Sentosa, where we saw fireworks and laser show at Songs of the Sea.

The cruise ended at about 9 pm .... quite a good experience since this was the first time that Daddy took the 郑和 Cruise

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