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Saturday, May 26, 2012

K2 Graduation Dress

For our K2 graduation, every girl has to wear a white long dress, while every boy has to wear a white top and white pants .... yes, we are conforming to PAP style (brain-washing kids at such a young age .... Singapore education. Haha) !!! Need to get the attire ready by mid Jun so that we can go for our graduation photo shoot.

So over the weekend, Daddy, Mummy and I went Orchard to shop for my long white dress.  And Ms Kristy has said, it need to be white !!! Not even cream white, or slight beige.  No colourful pattern on the dress, like pink / green flowery design ... and we went from Robinsons to Takashimaya to Isetan and it was really difficult to find a WHITE dress (party type) with no coloured designs !!! So we decided to try OG ....

In the end, we managed to find a white dress (cutting suits my slim body type), with a little silver design on it.  In the end, we bought that, after consulting with Ms Kristy.  And it was just at the time when OG was closing their doors for the day's business !!!

Phew ... Daddy shall upload the picture at a later date

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