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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun at CSC Again

Daddy and Mummy have been quite busy recently and have not been bringing me to CSC for some water fun for quite a while.  Since the weather on Sunday morning was great, they decided it was the time for some water fun ....

I woke up at about 745 am, quickly finished my milk and breakfast, and then I changed into my swimming outfit, ready to splash into the wave pool.

And the first thing that I did, was to rent a float.  And you guessed it right, PINK float !!! I made Mummy dig all the way to the bottom of all the floats, just to get the one and only PINK float.  In case you do not know, my favourite colour is PINK, and I am obsessed with PRINCESS characters ... if only the float has princess characters on it. Haha

Since the wave pool did not start until 10 am, I spent half an hour playing in the "lazy stream" pool (this is how I call the pool .. haha).  Need not use any strength to move forward, since the water jet will propel me ahead.  All I have to do, is to lie down and float

And at 10 am sharp, Daddy and I went to the wave pool .... and that was the fun part, where I just go up and down with the waves ....  

Had almost 2 hours of great fun, before Daddy and I hit the showers.  Will try to get some of my friends to join me next time.

New Ballet Class

Went for my first lesson in my new ballet class (one level up from my previous class).

Start with some warm up and stretching exercises

Then I learnt some new dance steps and movement

At the end of my lesson, I told Daddy and Mummy that I wanted to go back to my previous class ... because my classmates did not want to talk to me.  Daddy and Mummy explained to me that I was new to the class, so it would take some time for me to make new friends .... same thing when I move from K2 to P1 next year .... after hearing that, I decided to give it another try next lesson.

Daddy and Mummy were thinking if I really like ballet, then they will move to me another ballet school once the term has ended ... the current class size is too big, and the teacher was not that professional ... kept talking to the pianist during lesson time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Myself Comfortable ...

Every Friday, I will bring my pillow, bolster, bedsheet and blanket back from school to wash.  So while I was at the back in Daddy's car, I decided to make myself super comfortable on my journey back home.

Even my care bear buddy was smiling as well. Haha

Monday, April 23, 2012

Changing Bed Sheet - Tough

Need to change my bedsheet, so Mummy decided to let me have a go at it, with the assistance of Daddy.

First step : changing the pillow case.  Easy for me

Second step : changing the bolster case.  Have to get Daddy to help me untie the knot.  And together with Daddy, I managed to change the case

Third step : removing the dirty bedsheet.  This was tough .... but I still managed to do it. 

Final step : putting the fresh bedsheet over the bed ... and no matter how I pulled, I just cannot get all 4 sides to wrap around the mattress .... and I was really tired out from this

So Daddy helped me out with 3 sides, and I completed the 4th corner by myself

And tada, my fresh bedsheet, with all my toys back onto my bed again

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Steps to Preparing Lunch

During lunch preparation, I insisted on Daddy to video the whole preparation process ... and the reason is to let Daddy know how to prepare simple lunch and if he ever forgets, refer to the video next time.  Daddy was giggling when he heard that, but just to satisfy me, he decided to video me

So the easy steps to preparing a simple lunch.  First, wash the rice

Then cut the fresh mushrooms into cubes ... or small pieces, and dump them into the rice pot

Next comes the carrot .... small pieces as well, and dump them into the rice pot

Fill the rice pot with the right amount of water, nothing more, nothing less

And then, the final step : put the pot into the cooker and wait for a nice meal to be served !!!

Isn't that simple ?

If Ting can cook, so can you !!!

Lazy Sunday Morning - National Geographic

On Sunday morning, I woke up and then went over to Daddy and Mummy bedroom with my National Geographic magazine .... and since Sundays are supposed to be "lazy", I read the magazine in my pyjamas on their bed.

And then time to brush my teeth, and prepare to go for breakfast to start my Sunday activities.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lightning ...

Video taken from 爷爷 and 奶奶 place on Friday night .... looks like it would be heavy rain with the dark sky illuminated by the orange lightning flashes.  And true enough, heavy thunderstorm on Sat early morning

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feeding "Happy"

Since Auntie Lily and Uncle Michael (our next door neighbours) were out on a trip to China, the responsibility to help them feed their cat (Happy) and fishes became mine.  And I was so glad to do that, because I simply love animals .... cats, dogs, goats etc ... In the past, there was Mimi (the female dog), but she had to be put to sleep due to an illness. 

So after dinner, I went over with Daddy to feed Happy ... and Daddy thought it was pretty amusing to see me doing that.  It was as if I was treating Happy as a small child, coaxing him (yes, it is a male dog) to eat his dinner.

A few more days of feeding ... and Auntie Lily and Uncle Michael would be back .... how time flies.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cycling on my new bike

Cycling on my new bike along the PCN near my place in the morning .... looks the same as my old bike, just bigger.  So now I can cycle faster on a straight road.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ballet Lesson

 Daddy took a picture of me while I was having lessons ... and see how I giggled in class.  He must be wondering what was so funny ....

And just before class ended, I posed for Daddy so that he can take a photo from outside .... showing how flexible I am ... haha

And after a few practice at home with Mummy, I was able to do this (some-what like sit-up) in class, without any help !!!

And Miss Lam told Daddy and Mummy since I was progressing well, she would let me try out the next level class 2 weeks later ... Hooray !!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Fun

Over the weekend, we went for our annual tomb sweeping activity.  And after that, we decided to go for Japanese buffet at Senki.  And needless to say, buffet (especially Japanese cuisine) is my favourite.  And believe it or not, I ate so much more than Daddy and Mummy .... they cannot imagine how my little tummy can accomodate so much food .... and at the end of the buffet, it was a Pooh Bear tummy !!!

And guess what the 3 musketeers were doing ??? Playing the same game on iPhone and seeing who can go to the next level faster !!! iPhone fun after tummy are full

And to digest the food, we went for some retail therapy ... and what better way to burn calories is to dance in front of the mirror !!!

A tired day and since I did not nap in the afternoon, it was super quick for me to slumber into dreamland at night.

I Can Also Go And Work

On the way home, I started the conversation with Daddy on work.  He has been on telecon at night recently due to work, and I asked Daddy why does he need to work at night.  He commented that he needed to work so that he can buy things for me, send me for classes etc. And Daddy offered not to work, but have me work instead ...

And I gladly replied him :
"I can also go and work, but only in Baby Boss and Kidzania ... and I can buy my own things"

That is work to me .... haha

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ballet Class

Daddy tried to secretly take a short video of me when I was taking my ballet lesson ....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Naughty Bear Bear

Daddy noticed that the second drawer of my cabinet in my room was locked (usually it was the first drawer that had the key).  So he opened that, and he got a surprise !!!

My bear was nicely sitting inside the drawer ....
Opening the drawer a little wider, and the bear was indeed sitting comfortably on a cushion among my skirts !!!

And then Daddy realized why I kept talking to myself the night before, when I was alone in my room (I was supposed to go and sleep after Daddy put me to bed).  In fact, I was trying to 'discipline' my naughty bear by putting him inside the cupboard until he learnt his lesson .... and this all happened in the dark room with no lights .... blame it on the good Vitamin A which gives me perfect night vision so that I can have some fun in the dark before I finally get tired and go to sleep. Haha.

Daddy could only say "poor teddy bear ..."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

听写 - 5 stars

I was pretty sore about having only 4 stars for my first 听写 although I have all the 5 words correctly written.  So I was determined to get the last star .... and it was as 'easy' as reminding myself to keep quiet throughout the 听写 time.

'Easy' because I simply have to share my thoughts with others all the time .... haha.  Wonder how I am going to survive when I go P1 where I have to listen more than talk.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2XU Compression Run 2012

Daddy's first 10 km run for the year !!! Since he has not tried out the 2XU run before, he decided to sign himself up for that.  Has not been training regularly for the run though.

On the actual day, Daddy was late for the 7 am kick off, since he had to go to a few buildings before he can find carpark lot.  By the time he reached the site, he joined the queue and managed to go past the Start line at 745 am (by then the sun was up already).  The route was new to Daddy since he has not tried that route before in his other runs (along Nicoll Highway).  However, for most of the route, it was so crowded and tight (only 1.5 lanes to and fro) that people kept bumping into one another.  The only good thing was that the route was relatively flat, with not too many uphills and downhills.

Since Daddy has not really trained for the run, he had to stop and walk at the 8.5 km mark for 500 m, before he continued his run to the Finish point.  And he got a timing of 58 mins (based on Runkeeper, similar to the official results of 57 mins), satisfied that it was less than one hour for a 10 km run (not his personal best, but good enough).

Unique medal design, since all his other past medals were just round in shape

Maybe another 10 km run in 2H12 and that's it for Daddy for the year ... his regular SBR maybe

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Decorate My Own Cake

I wanted to buy a small birthday cake for 爷爷 on Friday when we went down for dinner.  So Daddy and Mummy brought me to the Icing Place for me to decorate my own cake for 爷爷.

Chose a cake with a butterfly design

And then I got down to work with Mummy ...

And the final product .... a nicely decorated cake with butterfly design !!!

So after dinner, we did the cake cutting ceremony ... and yummy, the cake was delicious ... especially when I decorated the cake myself !!!