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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feeding "Happy"

Since Auntie Lily and Uncle Michael (our next door neighbours) were out on a trip to China, the responsibility to help them feed their cat (Happy) and fishes became mine.  And I was so glad to do that, because I simply love animals .... cats, dogs, goats etc ... In the past, there was Mimi (the female dog), but she had to be put to sleep due to an illness. 

So after dinner, I went over with Daddy to feed Happy ... and Daddy thought it was pretty amusing to see me doing that.  It was as if I was treating Happy as a small child, coaxing him (yes, it is a male dog) to eat his dinner.

A few more days of feeding ... and Auntie Lily and Uncle Michael would be back .... how time flies.

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