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Monday, April 2, 2012

2XU Compression Run 2012

Daddy's first 10 km run for the year !!! Since he has not tried out the 2XU run before, he decided to sign himself up for that.  Has not been training regularly for the run though.

On the actual day, Daddy was late for the 7 am kick off, since he had to go to a few buildings before he can find carpark lot.  By the time he reached the site, he joined the queue and managed to go past the Start line at 745 am (by then the sun was up already).  The route was new to Daddy since he has not tried that route before in his other runs (along Nicoll Highway).  However, for most of the route, it was so crowded and tight (only 1.5 lanes to and fro) that people kept bumping into one another.  The only good thing was that the route was relatively flat, with not too many uphills and downhills.

Since Daddy has not really trained for the run, he had to stop and walk at the 8.5 km mark for 500 m, before he continued his run to the Finish point.  And he got a timing of 58 mins (based on Runkeeper, similar to the official results of 57 mins), satisfied that it was less than one hour for a 10 km run (not his personal best, but good enough).

Unique medal design, since all his other past medals were just round in shape

Maybe another 10 km run in 2H12 and that's it for Daddy for the year ... his regular SBR maybe

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