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Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Ballet Class

Went for my first lesson in my new ballet class (one level up from my previous class).

Start with some warm up and stretching exercises

Then I learnt some new dance steps and movement

At the end of my lesson, I told Daddy and Mummy that I wanted to go back to my previous class ... because my classmates did not want to talk to me.  Daddy and Mummy explained to me that I was new to the class, so it would take some time for me to make new friends .... same thing when I move from K2 to P1 next year .... after hearing that, I decided to give it another try next lesson.

Daddy and Mummy were thinking if I really like ballet, then they will move to me another ballet school once the term has ended ... the current class size is too big, and the teacher was not that professional ... kept talking to the pianist during lesson time.

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