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Monday, April 23, 2012

Changing Bed Sheet - Tough

Need to change my bedsheet, so Mummy decided to let me have a go at it, with the assistance of Daddy.

First step : changing the pillow case.  Easy for me

Second step : changing the bolster case.  Have to get Daddy to help me untie the knot.  And together with Daddy, I managed to change the case

Third step : removing the dirty bedsheet.  This was tough .... but I still managed to do it. 

Final step : putting the fresh bedsheet over the bed ... and no matter how I pulled, I just cannot get all 4 sides to wrap around the mattress .... and I was really tired out from this

So Daddy helped me out with 3 sides, and I completed the 4th corner by myself

And tada, my fresh bedsheet, with all my toys back onto my bed again

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