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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Fun

Over the weekend, we went for our annual tomb sweeping activity.  And after that, we decided to go for Japanese buffet at Senki.  And needless to say, buffet (especially Japanese cuisine) is my favourite.  And believe it or not, I ate so much more than Daddy and Mummy .... they cannot imagine how my little tummy can accomodate so much food .... and at the end of the buffet, it was a Pooh Bear tummy !!!

And guess what the 3 musketeers were doing ??? Playing the same game on iPhone and seeing who can go to the next level faster !!! iPhone fun after tummy are full

And to digest the food, we went for some retail therapy ... and what better way to burn calories is to dance in front of the mirror !!!

A tired day and since I did not nap in the afternoon, it was super quick for me to slumber into dreamland at night.

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