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Friday, April 6, 2012

Naughty Bear Bear

Daddy noticed that the second drawer of my cabinet in my room was locked (usually it was the first drawer that had the key).  So he opened that, and he got a surprise !!!

My bear was nicely sitting inside the drawer ....
Opening the drawer a little wider, and the bear was indeed sitting comfortably on a cushion among my skirts !!!

And then Daddy realized why I kept talking to myself the night before, when I was alone in my room (I was supposed to go and sleep after Daddy put me to bed).  In fact, I was trying to 'discipline' my naughty bear by putting him inside the cupboard until he learnt his lesson .... and this all happened in the dark room with no lights .... blame it on the good Vitamin A which gives me perfect night vision so that I can have some fun in the dark before I finally get tired and go to sleep. Haha.

Daddy could only say "poor teddy bear ..."

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