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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun at CSC Again

Daddy and Mummy have been quite busy recently and have not been bringing me to CSC for some water fun for quite a while.  Since the weather on Sunday morning was great, they decided it was the time for some water fun ....

I woke up at about 745 am, quickly finished my milk and breakfast, and then I changed into my swimming outfit, ready to splash into the wave pool.

And the first thing that I did, was to rent a float.  And you guessed it right, PINK float !!! I made Mummy dig all the way to the bottom of all the floats, just to get the one and only PINK float.  In case you do not know, my favourite colour is PINK, and I am obsessed with PRINCESS characters ... if only the float has princess characters on it. Haha

Since the wave pool did not start until 10 am, I spent half an hour playing in the "lazy stream" pool (this is how I call the pool .. haha).  Need not use any strength to move forward, since the water jet will propel me ahead.  All I have to do, is to lie down and float

And at 10 am sharp, Daddy and I went to the wave pool .... and that was the fun part, where I just go up and down with the waves ....  

Had almost 2 hours of great fun, before Daddy and I hit the showers.  Will try to get some of my friends to join me next time.

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