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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrate 公公 Birthday

We celebrated 公公 birthday on Sunday at the Furama Hotel to eat buffet at the Square.  And since it was buffet, it was definitely great for me, since I got to pinch a little of everything on the buffet spread.  However, the food quality has dropped since one year ago, where we celebrated 表妹 birthday there.  The dessert section was still pretty good though.

Everyone (舅舅, 舅母, 姨婆 and 表妹) was super hungry, especially Daddy and Mummy since they did not have much for breakfast. 

See 表妹 putting on her funny look ....

After the buffet, 表妹 and I had fun by running around at the lobby

And we headed down to Orchard to get a present for my friend, Camille, since her birthday is nearing.  And as 表妹 and I walked down the streets, we sang silly songs .... haha

Had a light dinner in Orchard (still full from the buffet) before we headed home.  Thoroughly enjoyed myself on Sunday !!!

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