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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Drawings

Random drawings done by me .....

And I wrote the words by myself ... haha. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wushu Lessons

This week and the next, me and my friends take turns to be a teacher.  I was the dance teacher the previous day, and the following day, Xander Zhuang was supposed to teach us Wushu.

So when I reached home, I showed Daddy what I have learnt from Xander ....

Daddy wondered whether Xander was a mediocre teacher or I was a mediocre student. Haha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Did Not Know The Time Mah ....

During my ride home from school, I asked Daddy why he chose me to 'come out' (ie. born) in December instead of January ...

Then Daddy told me instead that I was the one who 'chose' to come out on the last day of Dec, instead of Jan.  I was surprised and said I did not make that choice.  Then Daddy explained that I was happily in Mummy's tummy and that on 31 Dec, I decided that I was tired of being in Mummy's tummy.  So I kicked and knocked on Mummy's tummy, causing her to be in pain.  In the end, Mummy had to see a doctor so as to let me out .... I listened to Daddy's explanation and thought that made sense ... then I blurted out

In Mummy's tummy, I did not know the time mah .... otherwise I would have waited for January, so that I can celebrate my birthday earlier, instead of waiting for end of the year to come !!!

Haha .... blame Mummy for not installing a clock in her tummy !!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dance Teacher

During my ride home, I told Daddy that I am going to be Little Miss Teacher tomorrow (part of the school activities) where I am supposed to teach my friends something.  So I decided to be a dance teacher, and teach my friends how to dance.

Told Daddy that I need to practise at home. So I ate my dinner quickly in order to have enough time to practise. 

Warm up exercises before I do my dance ....

And Daddy chose some really nice music (soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto) ... and I decided to do a contemporary dance. But doesn't it look a bit like ballet ???

Then Daddy decided to choose a real ballet music by Tchaikovsky - "Swan Lake Suite".  Because Tchaikovsky is not really Daddy's favourite composer (other than his famous piano concerto), so the Swan Lake Suite recording was not really good for those who appreciate music.  But the recording was good enough for me to practise my ballet dance ....

And after a while, I even managed to do some improvision on my dance steps ... haha.

Daddy cut a CD for me with only that piece for me to bring to school tomorrow, as my teaching aid. Haha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elise's Birthday Party

Saturday was Elise's 6th birthday party, and even though she has moved to another childcare to start her K1 education, she was kind to invite me for her party, with Breanna  (my good friend in my school) !!

And the party was held at United Square, Ben and Jerry's. 

Can anyone guess what we will be doing at the party ??? Yes, making cookies, waffle and ice-cream !!! The things that girls will enjoy (that explains why there were no boys at the party)

Since adults were not allowed in the baking room, they went to enjoy their ice-cream and milkshakes, while the kids were busy with the baking.  After about 1+ hr, we called our Daddies and Mummies into the baking room to see what we have done.

And there, feasting time !!! Enjoying the ice-cream waffle that we have made.  I told Mummy that I will share the ice-cream with her (since I knew that Mummy does not want me to eat too much ice-cream).  But surprisingly, Mummy told me I can eat the ice-cream all by myself !!! I looked at her in disbelief .... haha.  Must go buy 4D or Toto !!!

See all the anxious photographers ....  

And my good friend, Breanna

And it was time for the cake-cutting ceremony.  A strawberry ice-cream cake !!!

Everyone gathered around to sing the birthday song

And after the singing, all of us were anxious to eat the cake.  That explains why there were so many pairs of hands trying to pull the candles out, so that we can cut the cake and gobble it

Heavenly delicious ... enjoying the ice-cream cake. 

And a photo with the birthday gal, Elise !!! We used to 'bicker' quite a lot when we were in the same school ... haha

Wanted to retain my Moo Moo Cow sticker on my hand so that I can show my friends in school on Monday

Happy Birthday Elise ....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Thank You Card

Since I will be meeting Chester gor-gor and Glenda jie-jie (who gave me super nice cookies) on Sat, I decided to draw a thank you card, and give it to them that day.

The front page ... telling the story that the plants needed sunshine and rainwater to grow strong ... as strong as the relationship between Chester gor-gor and Glenda jie-jie

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dry Ice Fun

姑姑 was on half day leave on Friday so she went to Isetan for shopping.  Bought a strawberry cake from there. 

So after dinner, I tried the strawberry cake.  But it was too sweet for me (surprisingly !!!)

And what got me interested was the dry ice that came with the cake !!! So it was fun time with the dry ice !!! 姑姑 prepared a bowl of water, and then put some dry ice inside ... and tada .... you get mist coming out of the bowl !!!!

Of course, I was very fascinated by the dry ice ... especially when it was "hopping" around in the water !!!

Taking a photo with 爷爷 after all the GOOD fun !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learning To Be Independent

For the past few days, Daddy and Mummy decided to let me do some daily tasks on my own.  So when it was time to go to bed, I brushed my own teeth and bathed on my own.  They will adjust the water temperature till it is just nice for me, and then help me wear my shower cap.  Then I will do my own soaping and washing .... while Daddy or Mummy will stand aside and remind me where to wash and clean.

Then I will take my own towel, and rub myself dry, including my back .... Daddy and Mummy will do a check after that, just in case (usually found no spot of water ... haha).  Then change into my pyjamas all by myself, and today, I even applied moisturer on my entire body all by myself !!!

Looks like I am all ready to be a little independent !!! Haha

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reading On My Own

I really love reading on my own, especially when my phonics have improved quite a bit .... Daddy and Mummy bought me this "Peter and Jane" series books, and I simply loved them !!!

Unfortunately the NLB does not carry this series ... so Daddy and Mummy will have to buy from Popular bookshop or try some second hand shops ....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swimming Again

Have been a really long time since Daddy brought me for a swim (either I was sick, or the weather was not good).  So on Sunday morning, the weather looked pretty good, so we went for a short swim.

Showing Daddy how much I have learnt in school. 

And I showed Daddy how a dolphin swims .... Do I look like a carefree dolphin ???
And this is how I do the breast stroke (frog style)

And the backstroke ... just that my fingers were all spread out. 

And I got innovative ... using the float to swim frog style ...
Next time shall ask Daddy and Mummy to bring me to CSC-Bukit Batok, so that I can enjoy the water play facilities

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still So Gullible

I have a bad habit of sucking my thumb when I try to fall asleep.  Also bite my fingernails (unconsciously) at times when I feel bored .... so in order to help me kick the bad habits, Mummy told me that when Uncle Peng Lam went to Copenhagen for business trip, she will get his help to buy a bottle of nail biting solution back (to be painted on the nails, which tasted extremely bitter). 

When Mummy wanted to paint my nails before bedtime (for the first time), I simply refused because I knew once my nails were painted and I tried to suck my thumb, it will taste extremely bitter.  No matter what Mummy said, I just simply refused to show her my nails. 

Then Mummy changed tactics .... she offered to let me paint my own nails as if I were an adult.  And because it was somewhat innovative, I happily took the bottle and started to paint my nails carefully.  After I have painted all my 10 nails, I suddenly burst out crying .... and the reason is I REALIZED MY NAILS WERE COATED WITH THIS BITTER SOLUTION !!! CANNOT SUCK THUMB ANYMORE !!!

Gullible me, fell for Mummy's trick so easily !!! Mummy was laughing as she related to Daddy the incident .... sigh

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sesame Street Tidbits

A big thank you to Chester gor-gor and Glenda jie-jie, who went to Japan for their vacation, and brought back this Sesame Street tidbit for me !!!

The next day, I told Daddy that I want to share that with all my classmates (since Daddy and Mummy always taught me to share good stuff).  Including me, we have a total of 14 pax, and it was just nice that the box contained 14 pieces.  Unfortunately, Ethan did not come to school on Thurs, so Ms Kristy suggested I shared the tidbits with my classmates on Fri instead.

Showed Daddy and Mummy the biscuit when I reached home

YUMMY !!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Paparazzi At School

I am officially called the paparazzi in my school. Because I simply report everything to my teachers and friends.

When I heard from Auntie Winnie that Joel was not coming to school on Friday since it was his birthday and Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie planned to take him out, I informed Ms Kristy immediately the next day. Ms Kristy was not sure if tat was the case and when she asked Aunite Winnie abt this, I was right. First hand information from me !!! Even things like if Joel eats vegetables in school during lunch (Joel does not like vegetables), I will tell Mummy when I reach home, so that she can relate that to Auntie Winnie,

Then I also told Ms Kristy about my new bed and how I got that. Also told her that I was going out for dinner on Friday with Daddy and Gu-gu but Mummy was not joining us. Because she had a company event that evening. Even down to the little things like on Sat, Mummy brought me to her ex-classmate's place for CNY gathering. Because she came from an all-girl's school, so Daddy decided not to go.  And I told Ms Kristy that only Mummy and I went, and not Daddy since all were girls.

Wonder how Ms Kristy felt when she was bombarded with all my 'unnecessary' information .... No more secrets with me, when I went about telling everyone. Haha

Saturday, February 4, 2012

捞鱼生 Again

On Sat evening, we went to Auntie Chiew Eng's place for the annual CNY gathering.  This is the time for Mummy to catch up with her ex-colleagues. We had steamboat for dinner.  After my dinner, I went to play with other kids (since our age gap is just one year apart). 

And after dinner, we did our 捞鱼生 again ... and this time, we had Uncle Peng Lam to 'officiate' the 捞鱼生 ceremony.  Ee call him Master Su, since he is an expert in 风水.  He went to learn geomancy, and even had a certificate, which he offers services.  And see the obvious number 8 on the 鱼生, as he ranted out all the auspicious phrases.

That evening, I enjoyed myself so much that I went home at 930 pm !!! Haha ... one of those rare times that Daddy and Mummy allowed me to stay out so late.

My New Bed

My new adult single bed arrived on Sat afternoon , replacing my kiddy single bed.  Bought it from IKEA.  So why did Daddy and Mummy decide to change to an adult single bed ???

Because I wetted my kiddy single bed !!! I drank a lot of water before I went to bed, and that night, I was super tired. Usually, Daddy would bring me to toilet at about 1130 pm, or if I had to pee, I would go to toilet by myself.  However, that night, I was so tired that I missed my toilet break.  When Daddy wanted to bring me to toilet at about 12 pm, I had already wetted my bed big time.  And I actually peed some more in the toilet.  When Daddy asked me why was my pyjamas wet, I actually told him that I wetted my pyjamas when I was brushing my teeth. Haha. 

So the mattress could not be salvaged anymore, and Daddy and Mummy decided to go to IKEA to replace my mattress (since the kiddy single bed mattress is quite odd sized).  They got a shock when they realized the mattress price went up quite a bit to $129 !!! And then they saw that an adult single bed (bed frame + mattress) cost only $169 !!! So they decided to change my bed so that I have more space to sleep at night.

So see my new bed, with my new bed sheet !!!

When I go and sleep on Daddy and Mummy's bed (when I fall sick) next time, Daddy does not have to rely on the living room sofa bed, but can sleep on my bed !!! Haha