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Monday, February 6, 2012

Paparazzi At School

I am officially called the paparazzi in my school. Because I simply report everything to my teachers and friends.

When I heard from Auntie Winnie that Joel was not coming to school on Friday since it was his birthday and Uncle Telang and Auntie Winnie planned to take him out, I informed Ms Kristy immediately the next day. Ms Kristy was not sure if tat was the case and when she asked Aunite Winnie abt this, I was right. First hand information from me !!! Even things like if Joel eats vegetables in school during lunch (Joel does not like vegetables), I will tell Mummy when I reach home, so that she can relate that to Auntie Winnie,

Then I also told Ms Kristy about my new bed and how I got that. Also told her that I was going out for dinner on Friday with Daddy and Gu-gu but Mummy was not joining us. Because she had a company event that evening. Even down to the little things like on Sat, Mummy brought me to her ex-classmate's place for CNY gathering. Because she came from an all-girl's school, so Daddy decided not to go.  And I told Ms Kristy that only Mummy and I went, and not Daddy since all were girls.

Wonder how Ms Kristy felt when she was bombarded with all my 'unnecessary' information .... No more secrets with me, when I went about telling everyone. Haha

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