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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My New Bed

My new adult single bed arrived on Sat afternoon , replacing my kiddy single bed.  Bought it from IKEA.  So why did Daddy and Mummy decide to change to an adult single bed ???

Because I wetted my kiddy single bed !!! I drank a lot of water before I went to bed, and that night, I was super tired. Usually, Daddy would bring me to toilet at about 1130 pm, or if I had to pee, I would go to toilet by myself.  However, that night, I was so tired that I missed my toilet break.  When Daddy wanted to bring me to toilet at about 12 pm, I had already wetted my bed big time.  And I actually peed some more in the toilet.  When Daddy asked me why was my pyjamas wet, I actually told him that I wetted my pyjamas when I was brushing my teeth. Haha. 

So the mattress could not be salvaged anymore, and Daddy and Mummy decided to go to IKEA to replace my mattress (since the kiddy single bed mattress is quite odd sized).  They got a shock when they realized the mattress price went up quite a bit to $129 !!! And then they saw that an adult single bed (bed frame + mattress) cost only $169 !!! So they decided to change my bed so that I have more space to sleep at night.

So see my new bed, with my new bed sheet !!!

When I go and sleep on Daddy and Mummy's bed (when I fall sick) next time, Daddy does not have to rely on the living room sofa bed, but can sleep on my bed !!! Haha

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