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Saturday, February 4, 2012

捞鱼生 Again

On Sat evening, we went to Auntie Chiew Eng's place for the annual CNY gathering.  This is the time for Mummy to catch up with her ex-colleagues. We had steamboat for dinner.  After my dinner, I went to play with other kids (since our age gap is just one year apart). 

And after dinner, we did our 捞鱼生 again ... and this time, we had Uncle Peng Lam to 'officiate' the 捞鱼生 ceremony.  Ee call him Master Su, since he is an expert in 风水.  He went to learn geomancy, and even had a certificate, which he offers services.  And see the obvious number 8 on the 鱼生, as he ranted out all the auspicious phrases.

That evening, I enjoyed myself so much that I went home at 930 pm !!! Haha ... one of those rare times that Daddy and Mummy allowed me to stay out so late.

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