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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dance Teacher

During my ride home, I told Daddy that I am going to be Little Miss Teacher tomorrow (part of the school activities) where I am supposed to teach my friends something.  So I decided to be a dance teacher, and teach my friends how to dance.

Told Daddy that I need to practise at home. So I ate my dinner quickly in order to have enough time to practise. 

Warm up exercises before I do my dance ....

And Daddy chose some really nice music (soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto) ... and I decided to do a contemporary dance. But doesn't it look a bit like ballet ???

Then Daddy decided to choose a real ballet music by Tchaikovsky - "Swan Lake Suite".  Because Tchaikovsky is not really Daddy's favourite composer (other than his famous piano concerto), so the Swan Lake Suite recording was not really good for those who appreciate music.  But the recording was good enough for me to practise my ballet dance ....

And after a while, I even managed to do some improvision on my dance steps ... haha.

Daddy cut a CD for me with only that piece for me to bring to school tomorrow, as my teaching aid. Haha

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