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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still So Gullible

I have a bad habit of sucking my thumb when I try to fall asleep.  Also bite my fingernails (unconsciously) at times when I feel bored .... so in order to help me kick the bad habits, Mummy told me that when Uncle Peng Lam went to Copenhagen for business trip, she will get his help to buy a bottle of nail biting solution back (to be painted on the nails, which tasted extremely bitter). 

When Mummy wanted to paint my nails before bedtime (for the first time), I simply refused because I knew once my nails were painted and I tried to suck my thumb, it will taste extremely bitter.  No matter what Mummy said, I just simply refused to show her my nails. 

Then Mummy changed tactics .... she offered to let me paint my own nails as if I were an adult.  And because it was somewhat innovative, I happily took the bottle and started to paint my nails carefully.  After I have painted all my 10 nails, I suddenly burst out crying .... and the reason is I REALIZED MY NAILS WERE COATED WITH THIS BITTER SOLUTION !!! CANNOT SUCK THUMB ANYMORE !!!

Gullible me, fell for Mummy's trick so easily !!! Mummy was laughing as she related to Daddy the incident .... sigh

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