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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elise's Birthday Party

Saturday was Elise's 6th birthday party, and even though she has moved to another childcare to start her K1 education, she was kind to invite me for her party, with Breanna  (my good friend in my school) !!

And the party was held at United Square, Ben and Jerry's. 

Can anyone guess what we will be doing at the party ??? Yes, making cookies, waffle and ice-cream !!! The things that girls will enjoy (that explains why there were no boys at the party)

Since adults were not allowed in the baking room, they went to enjoy their ice-cream and milkshakes, while the kids were busy with the baking.  After about 1+ hr, we called our Daddies and Mummies into the baking room to see what we have done.

And there, feasting time !!! Enjoying the ice-cream waffle that we have made.  I told Mummy that I will share the ice-cream with her (since I knew that Mummy does not want me to eat too much ice-cream).  But surprisingly, Mummy told me I can eat the ice-cream all by myself !!! I looked at her in disbelief .... haha.  Must go buy 4D or Toto !!!

See all the anxious photographers ....  

And my good friend, Breanna

And it was time for the cake-cutting ceremony.  A strawberry ice-cream cake !!!

Everyone gathered around to sing the birthday song

And after the singing, all of us were anxious to eat the cake.  That explains why there were so many pairs of hands trying to pull the candles out, so that we can cut the cake and gobble it

Heavenly delicious ... enjoying the ice-cream cake. 

And a photo with the birthday gal, Elise !!! We used to 'bicker' quite a lot when we were in the same school ... haha

Wanted to retain my Moo Moo Cow sticker on my hand so that I can show my friends in school on Monday

Happy Birthday Elise ....

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