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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Steps to Preparing Lunch

During lunch preparation, I insisted on Daddy to video the whole preparation process ... and the reason is to let Daddy know how to prepare simple lunch and if he ever forgets, refer to the video next time.  Daddy was giggling when he heard that, but just to satisfy me, he decided to video me

So the easy steps to preparing a simple lunch.  First, wash the rice

Then cut the fresh mushrooms into cubes ... or small pieces, and dump them into the rice pot

Next comes the carrot .... small pieces as well, and dump them into the rice pot

Fill the rice pot with the right amount of water, nothing more, nothing less

And then, the final step : put the pot into the cooker and wait for a nice meal to be served !!!

Isn't that simple ?

If Ting can cook, so can you !!!

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