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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chickenpox Progress

Status of me over the next 3 days ...

Day 2 : Spots appearing, concentrating on my body, with 3 on my face (one on my forehead, and 2 near my mouth).  A few on my hands and legs ... so I wore gloves to avoid scratching the spots (had broken 2 of the spots unknowingly).  Still having fever though.  In order to relieve my itch, Daddy and Mummy gave me the drowsy anti-histamine (Chloramine) at night but somewhat, after taking that, instead of feeling drowsy, I was wide awake, and could not sleep at night (Mummy had the same experience when she took that equivalent anti-histamine previously) !!! Kept tossing and turning in bed, so Daddy had to keep me company, until I fell asleep

Day 3 : More new spots on my body.  Had applied calamile lotion on my body, although I hated that. Fever started to sudside by end of Day 3, so hopefully no more new spots coming out.  Spots were not as much as those which came out on Jun Rui, perhaps because I took the anti-viral medicine within 24 hrs of detecting chickpox. 

But I still enjoyed myself

While at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place, I did my Korean dance !!!

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