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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peanut Allergy Test - The Ultimate Challenge

Yes .... I went for my peanut allergy test - the ultimate challenge.  This time, I really had to eat peanut and then see if I have allergy reaction (instead of just blood test 3 weeks back).

So on the actual day, Daddy brought along wholemeal bread and a bottle of Planters peanut butter as specified by the doctor.  When we reached KK Hospital at 930 am, Dr Chiang reviewed me before we started the actual allergy test.  There were Dr Chiang, one dietician and many nurses on-site.  Apparently, the dietician has specified Planters brand and no other brand of peanut butter, because she said she has done the calculations of the peanut content before hand (otherwise, she will have to re-calculate ... gosh ... so much for the work of a dietician). 

There were 2 other boys with me, who were testing for their milk allergies.  And the nurse commented that this time, all the Daddies brought their allergy kids, instead of Mummies ... haha.  I was given portions of peanut butter on the bread at 15 minutes interval, each time, the peanut butter dosage increased.  And at the end, Daddy calculated I must have eaten 7 or 8 servings of peanut butter.  All throughout, I was really enjoying the peanut butter, and no allergy reaction seen (was actually watching Cartoon Network while I was eating).

So by 12 pm, I was done with all the eating.  Then I needed to be monitored for another 1 hour in case there were delayed effect.  Was rather full from eating all the bread, so Daddy bought me some chicken nuggets and a corn cup from Mac.  And at 1 pm, Dr Chiang reviewed me again, and I was officially declared FREE OF FOOD ALLERGIES !!! I was so happy that I wanted to go back to school immediately to announce the good news to my friends and teachers. 

The dietician just needed to measure the right amount of peanut butter for me at different intervals (using measuring spoons for baking, which Daddy can also do that easily), the nurses just needed to serve me the peanut butter bread and water (which Daddy would be most willing to do), and Dr Chiang to look at my skin regularly (which Daddy is now an expert to identify allergy hives and rashes), the cost of the test was really considered expensive .... haha.  But then, paying this money to certify me free of food allergy is worth it.

However, I still have suspected drug allergy (to antibiotic Augmentin).  The previous time when I had fever, I was prescribed Augmentin by the doctor and after one dose, I had some rashes so Daddy and Mummy had the doctor changed the antibiotic.  Dr Chiang heard that and thought it would be hard to make any conclusion, since the rashes were mild and I only had one dose and sometime rashes do break out with virial fever.  So Daddy helped me make an appointment next year (YES, the queue was really that LONG !!! Did not know Singapore has so many kids with drug allergies) to do my drug allergy test.  Hopefully, I would be declared clear, and I will be an allergy free kid !!!

Looking forward to eating peanut for the next few weeks to condition my body to accepting peanuts

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  1. congrats for no longer allergic to peanut butter!!!!!! :)