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Monday, March 5, 2012

Varicella Virus aka Chickenpox Virus

Yes ... I am down with chickenpox.  Two weeks ago, my classmate (Jun Rui) had chickenpox (and he has taken the chickenpox prevention jab previously!!!), and for the next 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy have been monitoring me for spots .... and phew, nothing so far.  So on Sunday, when they thought I was safe from infection, a few red spots started to appear on my body (exactly 2 weeks incubation period !!!!) and I had fever of 38 degC.

So that confirmed their suspicions ... 'double confirmed' by the doctor at night.  So for the next 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy will take turns to take care of me, and for those days they could not take leave, I will go down to 爷爷 and  奶奶 place. Hope they do not catch the virus from me.

Hope I have not spread the virus to the rest of my classmates .... and especially 佳莹表妹 since I was happily playing with her the whole of Sunday !!! And I better recover soon, since I will be catching the Disney On Ice performance ....

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