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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Day 2012 Celebration

For this year's National Day celebration in school, we are not inviting the parents to join in the celebration.  So in order to show Daddy and Mummy what we were going to perform, I decided to give them a preview the night before.

Would be singing "We are Singapore" ... with actions to accompany the lyrics.  A little out of tune, but who cares ... haha

And then to recite the pledge in Chinese.  I had to teach Daddy the chinese version

On the actual day, I wore a red blouse and a white skirt to school.  The celebration started with traditional breakfast of chee cheong fun.  I had 2 servings of that.  Then we played some tradtonal games like 5-stones, and zero point.  Then we had our national day performance by the various classes.  In fact, Xavier, Wei Hong, Jun Rui and I, together with 2 other friends from the other K2 class went to the front and led the school to say the pledge !!! Felt so proud of myself. Haha

During lunch, we had nasi lemak, and I had 5 servings !!! Ms Kristy was so afraid that my tummy will burst or I would have a tummyache due to over dosage of coconut milk (in the rice).  And tea break was traditional kaya toast.  Since I brought some grapes to school, I added grapes in between the 2 slices of toast together with the kaya.  Innovative way of eating traditional food !!!

Had so much fun in school celebrating National Day

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