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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kiddy Fun Indoor Playground

Few months back, Daddy saw there was this Deals coupon to have 4 hours fun at the newly opened Kiddy Fun indoor playground at Turf City.  So he bought 2 vouchers for me and 表妹 so that we can enjoy ourselves. 

We decided to go on Sunday, before the vouchers expire in early Sep.  We did a little bit of research on the place, and kind of concluded that 4 hours of playtime was going to be too long ... reason being the place is not that big, and more suitable for 3-4 yrs old. We reached Turf City at about 11 am. 

The indoor playground was similar to the one that I went to in KL, just that it was smaller in size.  The rides and play stations were similar.  Since it was fun time, no matter how small or how simple the play stations were, I enjoyed myself with 表妹

And Daddy joined in the fun at times .... making us laugh and shout in excitement ... haha

I still prefer Fidgets since it is much bigger and the play stations are more challenging.  Just that it is still not that suitable for 表妹.  Will see if we have a chance to make a trip down to Fidgets ...

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