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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peranakan Museum

On Sunday, we decided to drop by Peranakan Museum since there were some activities taking place there.

Dressing up in peranakan costumes so as to experience what it is like to be a little nonya

Mummy tried as well

So while waiting for Mummy to dress up, Daddy took some photos for me, with some props

See the big flower on my hair ...

Daddy joined in the fun as well and took a family photo

Then 爷爷, 奶奶 and  姑姑 came along and joined in the fun as well

Next I did the jigsaw puzzle

Touring of the different galleries followed.  It was pretty interesting to look at some of the peranakan culture and the furnitures that they use.  In fact, there was a guide explaining some of the exhibits and Daddy and Mummy joined in to listen.  As for me, I was busy going to various stamping stations to get all my stamps on a piece of paper, so that I can exchange for gifts later

Peranakan wedding procession

Made my own post card ....

And Daddy's version. haha

Posing for Daddy ....

Pose taken from this picture (by Ivan Heng)

And a final photo shoot with the cat ....

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