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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jan Pienkowski Gathering

Our class decided to have a gathering on 01 Sep to celebrate Teacher's Day .... and with the good initiative from Wei Hong's Mummy and Leora's Mummy, they organized a gathering at Safra Jurong Kidz Amaze in the evening, with potluck picnic as well.

The Hans Junior cafe at Kidz Amaze has moved out, leaving an empty space, perfect for putluck picnic. So on that actual day, we had 9 families joining the gathering (which is 60% hit rate for our class !!!).  We gathered at 5 pm, and the parents laid out all the food on the picnic mat.  Of course, the kids rushed to the indoor playground immediately. Fun was our top priority.  In fact, that was the idea, to dump the kids inside the playground and the adults did not have to supervise them (we got so comfortable with the place already, because there were several birthday parties held there in the past).  In fact, it was the best opportunity for the parents to catch up with one another, chat about everything under the sun.

See the spread of food and drinks !!!!

At about 615 pm, the adults got us out of the playground. How ? Simple.  Just grab one of the kids, told him/her to find their friends in the playground, then spread the message that dinner was ready, and soon enough, all of us were out of the playground, ready to have our dinner.  Childcare trained .... took instructions very easily.  And also we took care of one another during our playtime

All of us gals, eating in one corner

While the boys ate at the other corner

And of course, the adults gathered among themselves to eat

And we had kueh pe ti in the spread as well !!!

After dinner, we went back to the playground.  In fact, we helped to take care of one another.  When someone was slightly injured, we quickly ran out of the playground, and went to inform the adults.  Luckily there was no major incidents, except for Theodore's cousin, who vomitted inside.  Think it was because she jumped and ran too much after a full dinner.  Other than that, just minor bruises here and there. Haha

And I told Daddy that I could manage the tallest slide !!!

Gosh, Daddy looked at the sign, and asked me whether I was sure about that.

Actions speak louder than words .... and I showed him !!! Haha.  Brave little me !!!

And guess what ? We played till the last minute until the playground was going to close for the day at 9 pm !!! And the adults had to drag us out, before we were chased out. 

And everyone agreed that this was really a fantastic idea to have regular gatherings like these, for the kids to bond together, and for the adults to take breather from taking care of us, and chit chat.  In fact, there was this idea floating around to do an overseas trip to Desaru next year during PSLE marking days, to keep the bond going.  Hooray !!!!

A big thank you to Wei Hong's Mummy and Leora's Mummy !!!

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