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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Car Wash Technology

Ever since I knew how to read, I have been reading signs along the road as I walked past, as Daddy drove past in his car etc.

So we passed by a Shell petrol kiosk, and there was a car wash station inside.  I proudly read "Shell Car Wash", then asked Daddy and Mummy what that meant. 

Mummy explained to me that Shell is a brand name, just like Esso or Caltex.  Then Daddy added in, saying shell as in sea shell, just to make sure I understood the meaning of shell.

Then I asked Daddy, "You mean they use sea shell to wash cars ?"

Daddy and Mummy burst out laughing .... new car wash technology !!! Using sea shell to wash cars, guaranteed that the car will be super clean, washing away the car paint as well !!!!

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