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Friday, September 21, 2012

Korean Feast !!!

Daddy and Mummy did not have me as 'light bulb' on Fri evening (shall tell the reason why I was not with them in another post) so they decided to go try out some authentic Korean feast.  Daddy remembered his colleague mentioned some korean family restaurant near Beauty World, so they went there (Kim's Korean Family Restaurant).

And indeed it was quite authentic.  For a start, they had this wide variety of starter dishes .... when Daddy went to Houston for business trips years back, he tried out a korean restaurant, and they had close to 12 starter dishes !!!

Because of the starter dishes, they decided not to order too much food .... had chicken

Kimchi pancake ... yummy

Spicy seafood soup .... and really flavourful, with the freshness from clams, prawns, squid and crab !!!

They were so full from the feast that they next went to Orchard to do some late window shopping and walk around to digest the food.  Been a long time since they wandered down Orchard Road late at night .... settled down for some coffee at Coffee Bean.  By 11 pm, they were feeling the "drowsy bug" effect, so decided to go home ... old already. Haha

Nice to get rid of me once in a while .... haha

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